Online Aphrodisiac Club Provides Sensuality for the Senses

Memories of the legendary 80s movie “9 Ã?½ Weeks” come to mind when you check into this club.

The Aphrodisiac of the Month ( offers recipes, gourmet gifts, shipping, and modern culture tidbits on its website.

The site was created by Master of Gastronomy and Aphrodisiac Advocate Amy Reiley.

Her offerings include the only monthly e newsletter to feature the sensuality of food.

Featured Artisan Aphrodisiac products are offered from time to time as collections to send as a gift or keep all to yourself. Some previous collections include ginger, cherries, premium roast coffee, honey, chili peppers, and tomato.

Reiley is the second American to earn a Master of Gastronomy awarded by France’s temple to cuisine, Le Cordon Bleu.

A member’s club is available onsite where subscribers can receive special offers on some of the most sensual Artisan food products available today. According to Reiley, at some point in time nearly every delicious edible was known for its sensual effects. These include almonds, cheese, beets, and chocolate among many others.

Chocolate has a reputation that is deeply embedded in the history of western civilization, said Reiley.

And as far back as the first page of recorded history cinnamon has been know for its medicinal effects. Among the spices responsible for producing “heat” within the body cinnamon has been measured to increase appetite both physical and sexual. It is also known by the names Sweet Wood, Cassia, and Gui Zhi.

Ginseng, popular in energy drinks, has had two studies in the 1990s performed on it – one in Sweden, the other in Mexico and it was determined that it was 90 percent effective in treating fatigue. You can buy Ginseng Powder at

In European history mustard has long been considered an aphrodisiac. It is mustard’s pungency that gives the seed its classification.

Nutmeg has been used for more than 5,000 years for its medicinal properties. This baking spice with a bite is well known in the medical community to be a narcotic.

Its evidence has only been unearthed in recent years but the term “sow your wild oats” has roots in health science. You can order oat flour from The Baker’s Catalogue.

The oyster just may be the most evocative emblem of passion according to

In addition to encouraging digestion, Rosemary is known to burn off a meal before intercourse and is good for circulation.

And truffles are symbol of the power of persuasion. Potently earthy in its flavors, they are best used sparingly, shaved onto dishes for special occasions.

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