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If you are a parent of a student who needs help with schoolwork, or if you are a teenager struggling with one or more subjects, you can use the Internet to your advantage. I have several students in my classes who use Internet tutoring sites to get practical advice from qualified teachers and tutors. They can submit papers for review, ask questions about particular units and even chat one-on-one with a tutor at all hours of the day or night.

For parents, this is the less-expensive alternative to hiring a personal tutor. Students might even show better improvement from this service because they can access it directly from their home computer. They don’t feel self-conscious or “stupid” for having to see a professional tutor in person, and they can choose when and how they need the help. This is especially beneficial for students struggling with a particular unit or part of a unit. They can get quick, specific help with one or two problems, or with studying for the test.

Smart Thinking

This is an online tutoring program that offers assistance in various levels and subjects. I have heard great things about their tutors from students who use this service on a daily basis, and they even offer tutoring for college and graduate students. All of their “E-Structors” have gone through an extensive training program and are given montly reviews on their performances.

They offer the following services: Live, Online Tutoring, Online Writing Lab, Bridge2College(SM), Academic Support Programs, and support for ESL students. They cater to the following subjects: Mathematics (Basic Skills – Calculus II), Writing, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology, Accounting, Economics, Introductory Finance, Spanish and Statistics.

Contact: ; 1-866-53-TUTOR


This is a service that connects tutors with students all over the country. Tutoring can be set up online or offline, depending on the requests of the parents, though tutoring is not done through teh TutorNation site. This is great if you are wanting to get in contact with several different tutors at once so that you can find one who meets your needs. This might be more cost-effective than some of the other sites because you can set a price rather than paying what is charged.

TutorNation has tutors specializing in all areas of study, including computers, piano, foreign languages and sports.

Contact: ; 949-225-4408

Tutor Match

This is another service connecting students with tutors, though it is not quite as well-known, and therefore not as expensive. Tutors create resumes, which are posted publically for parents and students to view, and users choose a tutor that can provide the necessary services. This is an easier, more straight-forward site than TutorNation, but you might not find the level of tutors here as you might find elsewhere.

Contact: TutorMatch 1420 Queen Anne Road # 7 Teaneck, NJ 07666, or visit their website.

Homework Tutoring

This is a combination between an online tutoring forum and a tutoring service. Parents and students can choose which works best for them, and they can receive help directly online from professional tutors. Most of their services cost around $20.00 per hour, and they are steadily growing their list of tutors and subjects.

Homework Tutoring offers services in the following areas: Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Electronics, English, ESL, Math, Medicine & Nursing, Physics, Programming, Psychology, and Statistics.

Contact:, or fax 1-775-703-0695


This is one of the more professional sites I’ve seen, but my students tell me that it is difficult to use. NetSkool connects students with graduates of top American universities and give them an easy-to-use forum through which to communicate. They only accept payment through PayPal, and although parents can set their own tutoring rates, the tutors must agree to those rates in advance. If your budget is too low, then NetSkool will decline to help you.

Contact: 1-866-266-4664


I don’t recommend this site to anyone needing math, science or history help, but these professionals are amazing at helping students with research and term papers. Their rates are expensive – up to $60.00 per student – but in certain cases, the price is worth it. They go over the paper step-by-step, give advice on how to improve it, and encourage students to think more deeply about their topic.

Contact: 1-800-90-TUTOR

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