Ornamental Cabbage

Who would have thought that cabbage could ever be considered as an attractive addition to a yard or flower garden? Not just any cabbage is considered an attractive addition to the landscape, but ornamental cabbage, otherwise known as flowering kale, is a well-sought-after addition to yards and annual gardens in many cool weather locations.

It’s no wonder why ornamental cabbage is a popular choice for embellishing yards and annual flower gardens. The foliage of ornamental cabbage is exceptionally beautiful. The colors of ornamental cabbage leaves are brilliant and extremely vivid, and the design is tremendously exquisite and ornate. The foliage of ornamental cabbage is lacy and highly detailed. Ornamental cabbage makes an eye-catching annual addition to flower gardens and yards. Consider planting ornamental cabbage if you want to add splashes of vivid color and annual drama to your yard or garden.

Description of Ornamental Cabbage

The flowers do not make ornamental cabbage brilliantly colored and attractive. The flowers of ornamental cabbage are actually small, yellow, and unassuming. It’s the foliage of ornamental cabbage that makes it a beautiful display in yards and flower gardens. The foliage of ornamental cabbage is made up of vivid red, purple, pink, green, and white shades of magnificent color. Even the bright green foliage is splashed with streaks of brilliant color. Plant ornamental cabbage in your yard or garden and you will create an annual display of lustrous color for all eyes to behold.

Locations for Growing Ornamental Cabbage

Ornamental cabbage grows best in cooler climates. The cooler temperatures in autumn bring out the beautiful colors of ornamental cabbage, and when other annual flowers and plants are fading away, ornamental cabbage will still be a colorful eye-catching addition to a yard or garden.

Ornamental cabbage grows best in full sun. Shady or partially shady locations will cause ornamental cabbage to become tall, leggy, and unattractive. Low-growing ornamental cabbage that’s full and widespread is by far the most attractive.

Consider growing annual ornamental cabbage as a colorful border or as part of an eye-catching annual flower bed display. Ornamental cabbage can also be grown successfully in an annual container garden. Ornamental cabbage would look beautiful in the center of a large pot surrounded by beautiful annual flowers of complimentary colors.

Planting and Caring for Ornamental Cabbage

Sew ornamental cabbage seeds in pots late in the summer or early in autumn. Lightly cover the seeds with fine-textured soil, and allow the soil to become somewhat dry before watering them again. When the seedlings reach a height of about two inches, plant your ornamental cabbage directly into the ground, and space it approximately twelve inches apart.

Water ornamental cabbage thoroughly at regular intervals after planting it in the ground. Ornamental cabbage requires plenty of water in order to grow and maintain colorful healthy foliage.

After ornamental cabbage is well established, provide extra nutrients through a monthly application of water-soluble plant food. The nutrients will bring out vibrant colors and help ornamental cabbage thrive with healthy roots and foliage. Follow product label instructions carefully for best results.

Ornamental cabbage is subject to the same pests and diseases of annual garden cabbage. Snails, slugs, and caterpillars absolutely love ornamental cabbage. The safest method of controlling pests is removing them by hand. Check your ornamental cabbage after dark with the help of a flashlight and a pair of gloves. Remove any pests, and check your ornamental cabbage on a regular basis.

Uses for Ornamental Cabbage

Ornamental cabbage is edible, but the majority of people don’t want to harvest annual ornamental cabbage for consumption. Most people simply enjoy the beauty of ornamental cabbage.

You can make a beautiful centerpiece with ornamental cabbage by digging it up, roots and all, and planting it in an attractive solid-colored vas or another container of your choice. Surround the ornamental cabbage with springs of dried baby’s breath and small lacy green ferns. Annual ornamental cabbage makes a breathtaking centerpiece, and ornamental cabbage is a wonderful choice for any cool weather annual garden.

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