Overnight Cheesecake Delivery

It’s not something the four cheesecake-loving, post-menopausal stars of the Golden Girls ever did, but lots of people fork over money for speedy cheesecake delivery from some of the nation’s finest cheesecake crafters. Admittedly, a cheesecake by mail makes for an extravagant, indulgent gift – one nipping close to the $100 mark. Yet that sense of splurge for something so rich and creamy is all part of the present’s appeal. Here are some of the well-known companies that offer overnight cheesecake delivery (or close to it).

Overnight Cheesecake Delivery from MooMoo
Calling themselves the “home of the 4-pound cheesecake,” MooMoo has overnight cheesecake delivery down to a science. As long as they receive your order before 12:30 central time, they’ll package and ship any of their cheesecakes via FedEx for arrival the next day. Blast-frozen,” shrink-wrapped, and insulated with two inches of foam, the product is guaranteed to arrive either slightly frozen or just plain cold. MooMoo the cow, the site’s mascot, is happy to recommend all sorts of cheesecakes for overnight delivery: a basic New York Style recipe, the expected raspberry and strawberry, and some exotic options like mango chai and white chocolate pistachio. They’ll also do a “Happy Birthday” cheesecake and a heart-shaped offering that can be personalized. Thanks to a thorough and well-organized website, ordering overnight cheesecake delivery through MooMoo should be a graze in the dairy pasture.

Overnight Cheesecake Delivery from Carnegie Deli
Fax: 201-577-5854
For the traditionalist who insists on New York Style Cheesecake coming from New York itself, the famous family-owned Carnegie Deli allows you to fax orders 24-hours a day (no online ordering yet, I guess). Carnegie’s thrice-baked recipe results in a stout little cheesecake – plain but delectable. They’ll even ship you a 12″ cheesecake that weighs over 10 lbs. for around $80 all-inclusive. Take note, though, that Carnegie’s cheesecake is pretty purist: they’ll do plain and chocolate, but nothing too unusual.

Overnight Cheesecake Delivery from Eli’s (Chicago)
If you’re not in Chicago to take an actual tour of Eli’s Cheesecake facilities and experience the richness in person, you can have them ship any one of their cheesecakes to you: Snickers, Turtle, white chocolate raspberry, pumpkin praline, “original plain,” or one of the other flavours. Eli’s balks at questions about whether they sell New York Style Cheesecake, asserting that their offerings are Chicago-style, with a “firm outside and very creamy inside.” Though their website is poorly organized and they don’t make their delivery procedures terribly clear, they do offer fast service if you want it. I inquired in the early evening on a Wednesday (so technically more of a Thursday) and was advised that I could select Friday as a delivery option if I agreed to the fees. Cheesecakes are shipped in dry ice with high-end styrofoam, and prices vary dramatically.

Note: While there are other websites that offer overnight cheesecake delivery, I selected these three based on their reputations and their differing styles.

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