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So you want to make your own PC games? The process involved will require months and months, if not years, of reading and learning. With all the information out there one could get lost and so confused.

If you are just now getting starting in trying to learn how to make your own game here are a few tips to help get you pointed in the right direction.

The first step you should take is to join an on-line forums resource about making your own games. The information you learn there goes far beyond anything you can read in this article. These on-line game making forums have lots of members who are mostly eager to help you with whatever you are having a hard time doing. Just be sure to read all the FAQ’s, getting started threads and the forum rules. You will find it difficult to get replies if you don’t at least take the initiative to read the information that is already available. No one like repeating what has already been given.

Typically in every getting started piece of information you will read it usually starts with you having to learn a programming language. There are quite a few out there and it will be up to you to choose which language you prefer. Learning to program will be the very first step you have to make in order to succeed. It is a long process and if you have troubles learning, it could take you even longer. Most computer programmers spend their entire lives learning programming or learning of better ways to program and make their code more secure. The C++ programming language is what is commonly used in making games in the industry. Although you can use any language you prefer.

After you learn the basics of programming you will then need to start getting into the advanced topics of programming such as how to bring images in to your program, getting input from input devices (such as the keyboard and mouse) and altering the images you bring in with input devices. Adding multimedia to your programs will also require quite a bit of knowledge to get it working properly.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Learning to program will only get you so far. If you plan on making a game for making a profit you will have to use completely original works. This includes using your own images, sounds and documentation. There are places on the net where you can go to get these things and not have to worry about paying royalties or worrying about copyright infringement but chances are you won’t find what you are looking for.

You will need to get into image editing software such as Photoshop. Image editing programs such as Photoshop will help you create things such as menus, backgrounds, icons and many other things. Photoshop comes with a hefty price tag so you may want to use another, either cheaper or free program. Gimp is more or less a Photoshop clone for Linux but it can be used in windows. Many of the tools are the same and there are plenty of people out there updating it with addable plug-ins.

Another thing you will need to get familiar with is 3d modeling. If you plan on making games 3d, modeling your own stuff will be key. There aren’t nearly as many free 3d models out there. Mainly because it takes time to make decent 3d models and anyone who makes them, and is good at it, is either wanting credit or looking for a job. Learning to model in 3d can be a fun learning experience and if you’re the artsy type then you may find yourself having no problems doing this. Becoming familiar with how 3d works on a computer using a modeling program will be hard to overcome. Once you get used to it though you will be able to make your imagination come to life.

– Join a game creation web forum (such as gamedev)
-Learn a programming language
-Learn to use Photoshop or another image editing program
-Learn to use a 3d modeling program

If you do the three steps above you should be well on your way to being able to create PC games.

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