Product Review: Breville SK550XL Electric Kettle

The Breville SK550XL is an electric water kettle. It offers a capacity of 1.7 liters and has a see-through pull off lid. You can find the Breville SK550XL for a price between $65 and $80. Let’s take a look at some of the other useful features offered by this kettle.

The Breville SK550XL features a design that doesn’t sacrifice durability for beauty. The exterior of the kettle is brushed stainless steel. This is a breeze to clean as you simply have to wipe it with a damp cloth. The Breville SK550XL also provides a soft grip handle.

Another useful feature of the Breville SK550XL is the concealed heating element. The 1500-watt element is concealed to make for easier cleanup. Also, the Breville SK550XL is capable of heating up water very quickly due to the fact that the heating element is embedded inside the kettle. You can heat water much faster than you could using a kettle on top of the stove.

You will also appreciate the cord-free design of the Breville SK550XL. The cord that you plug in attaches to the base instead of the kettle. You just have to place the kettle on top of the base to heat the water up. After the Breville SK550XL has heated the water, you can remove the kettle from the base and serve it.

The Breville SK550XL also makes it easy to add the right amount of water for your beverages. The unit features an LED water gauge that will show how much water is in the kettle. Also, there is a viewing window at water level. The Breville SK550XL is also equipped with a blue backlight that lights up behind the water-level viewing window. Not only does the blue backlight help you see the water level better, but it also enhances the beauty of the kettle.

The Breville SK550XL also has a range of other useful features. The unit has a removable scale filter that ensures the water in your beverages is free from impurities. Also, the Breville SK550XL has an auto-shutoff feature. This will cut power to the kettle when the water runs out so that it won’t boil dry.

If you’re looking for an electric kettle, you should take a look at the Breville SK550XL. The concealed heating element heats water very quickly and also makes for easier cleanup. The Breville SK550XL also features a cord-free design so that you can use the kettle without behind held back by the power cord.

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