Product Review: The Polaroid 15 in 1 Gaming Device

While shopping the other day in Wal*Mart I came across the Polaroid 15 in 1 gaming device. I figured for only $10.00 I’d check it out. The gaming device itself looks like one of the play station controllers. On the left hand side there’s a mini joy stick for the car racing games. There’s also an 8 way directional pad. On the right hand side there’s a turbo, A and B button. In the middle is a Reset and Start button. You’ll need 3 AA batteries which are not included. This device can easily be played on your TV or a mini DVD player. Polaroid provides an adapter for easy connection.

The first game is Motor Rally. You basically race other motorcycles and try to beat the clock. If you win, you advance to another level. On screen you see your speed and the clock. The scene is a road with lots of mountains and trees.

The second game is Runner Car. You race along a street where there’s other cars. You have to be careful because after hitting someone else so many times, you die. Along the way you collect bags of money and fuel. When you slow up to avoid a car- the motor sound lowers. Not exactly a roaring sound for the engine. The graphics consist of trees and houses. On the bottom of the screen you see your score, fuel and speed.

Last Cabra is the 3rd game. You’re on a battle ground. You fight a huge battle airplane that you’ll need to defeat to win the game. Along the way you can pick up amino to shoot bullets.

For those who love alien related stuff, Aero Engine might become a favorite. You’re in a starship and you mission is to fly between the planets while destroying an alien. The line of defense is fire.

Ocean Quest is the 5th game and is like the 1st and 2nd games. You race a power boat across the river and try to make it within a certain time period to reach the next level.

Spin ball is a game where you roll your ball down a track to reach a destination before the time runs out. Once you reach a destination, you pick up a key and are led to the next level.

Insect Chase isn’t as gross as it sounds. Your goal is to catch all the butterflies.

Birdie Nest is the 8th game. Kids may get a laugh as a bird not only drops eggs but also bathroom droppings. The goal is to catch as many eggs as possible with a moving hand and avoid other items. Pretty basic game.

Bingo Zap is where you roll a ball into certain holes and must do this in a certain amount of time. As you advance you have less time to complete a new level.

Ball Clash which is similar to dodge ball is to throw all these red balls to the opponent’s side. If you hit any of the balls thrown by your opponent, you freeze for a few moments. The person who has all their balls to the other side wins.

Bounce is where you move four paddles to keep the flying ball away from the wall. If your ball hit’s the wall, you lose instantly. This can become quite frustrating after a few tries.

Fast Race is the 12th game and the object of this game is to avoid other drivers carefully driving around them and using jumps. The graphics are the usual buildings, trees and road.

Mr. Potato was an amusing game to play. A walking potato has to destroy these monsters before they can get him. Throughout the game you collect keys to be able to save a friend. You walk up ladders with a background of pyramids and clouds. I thought this game was one of the better ones.

Right Spot is where you have to move certain colors to the correct position. The game itself didn’t hold my attention for very long.

Road Star ends pretty quickly. You try to jump over roads that are broken. Easily you can die because the second you miss, you’re dead. I wouldn’t recommend trying this game as your first.

Overall for the amount paid it’s not an awful set of games. Though the graphics are no where near what you’d get with a Play Station. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to entertain young children or even yourself- this is an okay form of entertain. Just don’t expect captivating graphics or vibrate sound effects.

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