Nintendo Reveals the New 3ds Xl

There is good news for all the gamers who were holding their breath for a new redesign of the famous 3DS.  Company head Honcho Satoru Iwata unveiled the big screen 3DS XL, or 3DS LL on Thursday.

The new 3DS XL comes with a 90 percent bigger screen along with larger bottom and top screens. It is pronounced as Nintendo 3DS LL in Japan and the Nintendo 3DS XL in the West. The overall look has been refined, with rounder corners than before, and the button placement has been adjusted to some extent to easily fit in the new size.

The new hardware adds over an inch to its previous model. Its top screen consists of 4.88 inches which is 90 percent bigger than the previous model, whereas the bottom screen measures at 4.18 inches. It uses the same stereoscopic 3D wizardry that was added in its smaller sibling which allows you to see 3D content without wearing any kind of glasses.

With the larger display, the 3D experience will certainly be more superior to the earlier 3DS display. The battery in 3DS XL also comes with more energy, as it will last 3.5 to 6.5 hours while playing 3DS titles, whereas for DS titles it gives the battery time up to 10 hours.

In order to cut its production cost, the company is selling the AC adapter as a standalone in Japan, but the 3DS XL will be compatible with current 3DS plugs. However, the company is introducing the 3DS XL in North America along with the AC adapter.

The new hardware will come in three colors: white, red and black, and silver and black. It will be available in the Japanese market on 28th July for 18,900 yen. However, gamers in the United States will have to wait until August 19. It will come with a price tag of U.S $199.99.

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