How to Salvage Items in Sims 3 Ambition

Sims 3 Ambition is the first game of the series that has an inventing career in it. Along with it comes the option of making full use of a junkyard. At the junkyard, you will come across many Sims who will drop things that they find useless. And, if your characters in the game are looking for a way through which they can make extra cash or get some new furniture at a bargain price, you can salvage those items.


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    Make your Sims invent first in order to salvage an item. You can go to the buy mode and purchase an inventing table in order to do this. That way, your Sims will go to the table and will start inventing stuff. Once they know how to invent a few things, they will go to level one in inventing. The salvage spawner located in the junkyard will be triggered that way and newer items will start appearing quickly.

    When your Sims achieve level 1 in inventing, go to the junkyard.

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    Collect items

    It’s very simple to collect items. Walk your Sims to items that you want to be repaired and click on the item. When you click, an option called ‘salvage’ pops up. When you click that item, it will move to your family inventory.

    In order to collect a decent amount of items, you must continue paying visits to the junkyard. You will make a lot of profit if you are able to collect a lot of items from the junkyard. When you have gathered enough resources, you can move these items to your home from your inventory. And, if you don’t know how to move items, just go to the buy mode, click the box icon where you will be able to see all the items available for you to salvage.

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    Salvage neatly

    If one of your Sims is neat and is annoyed at the first sign of a mess, it is better to hide your new items from them. In order to do this, you will have to build a special room in your house for items you don’t want others to discover. Doing that in a basement sounds logical.

    Now that you have all the items from the junkyard in your home, give a call to the repair man. You can make a call by simply going to the phone and clicking on call for services. It will take the repairman an hour to reach your place and do his job.

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    How to do things without a repairman

    If you don’t want to acquire the services of a repairman, you can let the Sims continue inventing until they reach level 10. That way, they will learn how to repair objects.

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