Ribbit King-How to Play Frolf

This is not your everyday golf game. This is Frolf, frog-golf. Tiger Woods does not appear in this game instead you play a bunny, lamb type creature wearing trousers hitting a small catapult type mechanism that propels frogs through an eleborate enemy infested golf course. Bandai’s Ribbit King is a drug induced, surreal look at the game of golf that is fun for the whole family.

The storyline is a little vague, the little bunny, lamb type thing sets out to help his home planet renew their energy supply by defeating creatures from other planets at the game of Frolf. The plot is purely superfluous and merely included as a way to move you to the next course and match. Children will quickly pick up on this game in no time. It is that easy.
The game itself maintains the basic rules of golf in that your objective is to get something into a hole. The twist is you’re using frogs as balls and small mallets as a golf stick. There is a rainbow flight indicator and a strength meter that measure how hard and far you hit the trigger of the catapult. Combining the two enables you to launch your frog far across the course and closer to the hole.

Each course is eleborately different. There are courses where you putter through lava, another through ice, up a mountain and a beautiful green garden. Several objects and areas around each different course can help or hinder your frog. You can score points for bouncing off spider’s web and loose points by being chewed up by a grass snake. Very often these features are close and can be multiplied depending on how far you propel your frog. Meaning a straight line toward the hole may not always reach, so in using a triple combo could result in larger points and the winner is the player who scores the most after four holes.

The world of Ribbit King is colorful, kid friendly eye candy with whimsical characters easy to use indicators and simple options. The graphics and characters remind one of the colorful, cartoon characters of Nintendo keeping the pace light and airy. A cast of weird opponents from other planets, such as a panda, a very sleepy little girl, and something that resembles a rock, come to challenge your bunny hero. This games bold look and the expression of the newly smacked frog and outcome will provide amusement to people of all ages. The sound matches this with a hugely cutesy tune and funny cartoon sound effects will make you smile. The game is repetitive but no more than any game of this genre.

Despite having any children, I really liked this game very much. The games spin on the old time traditional game of golf is novel and inspired. The controls are smooth letting you launch your frog flawlessly around the course. The slightly random elements of the combos create a level playing field for all making the game so easy to pick up and play. There is no pesky item collecting or shooting down enemies. It is a game best played as a rest from the gory, mature games or when you just have to have your daily video game intake before going to work or school. Like Katamari Damacy, Ribbit King is innovative and imaginative. Another welcomed novelty game in what was becoming a very predicable genre. It is rated E for everybody.

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