RN to BSN: Benefits of Online Nursing Degree Programs

Registered nurses with a Diploma degree or an Associates degree can advance to new heights with a BSN. Nursing is a highly professional, highly sought after occupation and nurses with a BSN will have the doors of opportunity just waiting to be opened to them. The multiple benefits of attaining a BSN online makes the decision easy to take the first step toward more knowledge, more job responsibility, and ultimately more money in the bank.

Nurses are busy people with families, spouses, friends, homes, and full lives. Adding one more element to an already jam-packed life may seem daunting. Finding the time to go from RN to BSN at a college takes a lot of time and time is in short supply. Take a moment to learn the benefits of studying for your BSN nursing degree online.

If you’re all ready an RN, working toward a BSN is less stressful when learning online. Why? First, there’s no commute, long or short. No traffic to fight to get to classes after working eight hours or more at your current job. There’s no driving to weekend classes while the rest of the world plays. The commute time learning online is as long as the walk to your computer.

Classes within the course of study for a BSN are constantly filled due to lack of faculty to teach the courses required. Spinning your wheels waiting in line for openings in classes that keep your career from moving forward serves no purpose. You’ll find no long waiting lines exist when your involved in an online program that leads from RN to BSN.

Studying to advance your degree from RN to BSN online allows you to continue working at your present position. The hardest part of going back to school is knowing that your life must revolve around a set schedule put out by colleges and universities. Figuring out how to make college work for you while continuing to receive a paycheck discourages many RNs who dream of moving up and onward in the nursing profession. Enrolling in an online BSN program allows you the flexibility to study when it is convenient to you and fits into your busy schedule.

Pursuing a BSN degree online brings advantages to learning that you may not have considered. How you study, when you study, and what pace you study at is all up to you. You have complete control. You set the parameters of learning. You may wish to accelerate your pace acquiring a nursing degree in a shorter amount of time or you may choose to proceed at a slower pace, giving you more time to be with family than if you were attending classes on campus. A real bonus to being a part of an online nursing degree program is having the Internet always at your fingertips. As you move through the course of study questions may arise. Perhaps something you’ve read fascinates you and further research and study would help you understand more completely. With a few clicks you can find the information desired. Learning from your own home on your own computer reduces the problems of classroom distractions. Professors and instructors guide you through the process, but you are responsible for your own style of learning.

The last great benefit of enrolling in a nursing degree program online comes down to the bottom line. The cost of studying from home is less than studying on a college campus. If all costs are taken into consideration including transportation to get to and from campus, the savings can be substantial.

With all these benefits to enrolling in an online nursing degree program why wait? The move from RN to BSN can begin a new adventure in nursing that may take you to management or to the classroom as a nursing educator. You could find yourself involved in the world of research or specializing in a field of your choice. With no barriers holding you back, nursing becomes a new profession when you fly from RN to BSN.

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