Raid Earth Options for Flying Insects: Falls Short of Killing Moths

I bought Raid Earth Options for Flying Insects because my house has recently become a colony for moths. I combined it with moth balls to see if I could remove or kill the moths that were living in my closet. Unfortunately, all that the Raid Earth insect killer seems to do is make me sick. It doesn’t kill anything.

I used Raid Roach Killer in the past when I lived in an unfortunate apartment that seemed to have a Roach Motel as its foundation, so I figured Raid was a trustworthy brand to try to get rid of the moth infestation. Well, I don’t know if it is the new “Earth Options” formula that doesn’t work or if it’s just the Raid, but nothing is happening.

When I spray the Raid Earth Options for Flying Insects on the nearest moth, they just fly away. It wakes them up, but it does not strike them dead as the commercial implies. I have even tried to put the spray really close up to the moth so that it would be blasted by the fumes and the force of the aerosol spray and still, the moth lives!

I thought that maybe this product would be slightly more environmentally friendly than the previous Raid formulas because it is “plant-based”, but I doubt that it is. While there is a hint of cloves in the Raid Earth Options scent, there is still that sickening smell that belongs to any fumigation product. When you spray this stuff, go into another room or you’ll get sick.

Unfortunately, the moth problem is in my bedroom closet, so I sprayed the Raid there and one night when I went to sleep, I felt nauseous because I inhaled the remnants of the Raid. I was up all night with a turning stomach. Even with the window wide open and a fan on, the smell was still getting to me. The insect killer had more affect on me than it did on my unwanted guests.

I would not recommend Raid Earth Options for Flying Insects because it does not do anything. Occasionally, the moth will stumble for a second, but then it just flies away and lands on another part of the wall or goes to hide on another coat or dress of mine. The moth is not dead and I have wasted about $6 on an insect killer that does not work! On a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate give it a 0 or a ½.

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