Random Acts of Kindness

First question, then: What is a Random Act of Kindness (or a ‘RAoK’, which is easier and faster to both say and type)?

Simple, really – a RAoK is anything that gives somebody else an unexpected smile.

Second question – how to RAoK!

Try going into a random corner shop, buying a chocolate bar and handing it straight back to the person who sold it to you.

Or try helping somebody on or off a buss with some heavy shopping, or a pram.

Buy something nice for a friend who deserves nice things.

Take chocolates into work and share them with your colleagues.

The truth is I could go on forever; the list of possible RAoKs is all but endless. However, with the above few examples, hopefully the point has been made clear: to RAoK is to do something nice for somebody for no other reason than just because you can.

The first two were quite simple, really. Now the big question remains. What is the point? What can possibly be gained from doing something as odd as a RAoK? Simply, why?

The easy answer to that question is “Why not?” But allow me, with the assistance of fellow RAoKers, to expand.

RAoK because�

�sometimes people just deserve something nice to happen to them.

âÂ?¦there’s so much nastiness and so many cynics in the world and it’s nice, once in a âÂ?¦while, to show somebody that not everything is as awful as it tends to be painted, and not everybody is out to benefit just themselves.

âÂ?¦maybe we can’t change the world; but we can make it a whole lot happier.

âÂ?¦it’s much more pleasant than being mean.

âÂ?¦that’s exactly what most people don’t expect you to do.

�it feels nice to make other people smile.

�it makes you smile.

�it makes those who hear about it smile.

âÂ?¦it’s better than getting bitten by a radioactive flea.

�history is full of people being nasty to each other, and a change is as good as a rest.

�somebody was nice to you in the past, and it made you happy.

âÂ?¦people were mean to you in the past, and you know what’s it’s like to be sad and therefore wish to make sure people aren’t.

âÂ?¦you don’t know when you might see someone’s underwear.

�man is free, but everywhere he is very happy when someone undoes his chains.

�chickens deserve better.

âÂ?¦I’m thinking of something, and it’s definitely not kitty.

âÂ?¦it’s good for your Moksa!

âÂ?¦it’s warm and fuzzy

�it will improve your sex life

âÂ?¦because, because, because, becauuuuusseeeee – because of the wonderful things it does.

But most importantly: RAoK because�you can

And as for me? Cogito, ergo RAoK.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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