Red Flowers for Beautiful Gardens

Red flowers seem to be quite common, but there are a number of red flowers that are unique in every way. There are red flowers with eye-catching blooms that are as red as the scarlet feathers of a male cardinal. Red flowers such as these will turn heads and make your flower garden a showstopping masterpiece. If you want a red wave of color gracing your flower garden, consider the following beautiful red flowers. These stunning red flowers are sure to draw attention to your beautiful flower garden, and they will thrive in most hardiness zones.

Crimson Wonder Hibiscus

This red flower produces huge blooms that not only draw attention. These enormous red flowers literally demand attention. The beautiful red bloom of the crimson wonder hibiscus is circular in shape with a modest yellow center. The soft petals of the crimson wonder hibiscus appears to have been crimped, and they resemble bright red crepe paper. The vivid red flowers have a wonderful tropical style that brings to mind a lush tropical island. Consider crimson wonder hibiscus if you want a red flower that screams from the flower garden. It’s a fantastic choice for those wanting big beautiful red flowers.

The magnificent red blooms of the crimson wonder hibiscus reach a maximum width of a full foot and reach a maximum height of about five feet. These gorgeous red flowers grow best in zones four through nine.

Russian Princess Lobelia

These deep red flowers with pink undertones are a lovely choice for a red flower garden. The blooms are numerous on this showy plant, and it is covered with beautiful red flowers from about the middle of summer to early autumn. When autumn arrives, the deep green foliage boasts tinges of red, and stems become brilliantly bronze as if tanned by the warmth of the sun.

Consider Russian princess lobelia in zones four through nine. This gorgeous red flower attracts scores of butterflies and hummingbirds, and it will be a definite favorite in your red flower garden.

Red Magic Daylily

When people think of lilies, the color red doesn’t usually come to mind, but this lily will most definitely have you seeing red. The blooms of this red daylily appear to be made of fine deep red velvet, painted with narrow stripes of gold.

Red magic daylilies are an excellent choice for those wanting hardy red flowers in zones three through nine. This wonderful red flower reaches a maximum height of about three feet, and it bears beautiful red blooms in the middle of summer. For best results, plant red magic daylilies in partial shade to full sun.

Red Coral Bells

Despite the name, red coral bells are not coral colored at all. These beautiful flowers are pure red, and they are a great choice for a red flower garden. Numerous red flowers are mounded on elegant spikes that reach a maximum height of about twenty inches, and they spread out to a maximum width of about fifteen inches.

Consider this red showstopper if you want to attract hummingbirds while making a statement in your flower garden. Red coral bells are best suited for zones three through eight, and they require full sunshine to partial shade.

Burgundy Gaillardia

Burgundy gaillardia is one of my personal favorites in the red flower category. These red flowers aren’t typical red flowers found at the local discount garden center. These red flowers are unique, and they bloom from late summer and well into fall. The frilly edged wine-colored petals of this red beauty, as well as the centers surrounded by burgundy make them a stunning choice for a red flower garden.

Plant burgundy gaillardia in zones three through ten in a location that receives full sun. These red gems make a great border, and they are long-lasting cut flowers. The burgundy gaillardia is resistant to drought, and it’s a very easy-to-care-for selection that adds beauty and charm to a red flower garden.

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