Resident Evil 5 Not Exclusive to Xbox 360

Resident Evil 5 was a no show at Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show booth this past week. This sparked internet rumors that Capcom would be turning Resident Evil 5, announced last year as a cross-platform next-gen entry in the company’s flagship survival horror franchise, into an Xbox 360 exclusive. The rumor was given credibility by Capcom’s strong support for Microsoft’s system despite poor sales in Japan. With games like Dead Rising already performing well and their upcoming science fiction shooter Lost Planet already winning fans with its demo available on Xbox Live, an exclusive Resident Evil title for the 360 doesn’t seem too unlikely. Capcom however quashed those rumors today according to CVG. “Resident Evil 5 will release on PS3 and Xbox 360 as announced. There a no plans for an exclusive with the game,” said Capcom’s spokesperson.

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