Review: Method Lavender & Lemongrass Air Enhancer

During a recent trip to Texas, Wyoming and Colorado, I picked up several Method products. Since they are hard to find in Alaska I wanted to bring so many home with me, but I had to choose products that didn’t weigh much because of baggage weight restrictions at the airport. The Method air freshener I purchased was Lavender and Lemongrass.

Product Description

Method describes this product as an air enhancer/odor eliminator. It comes in a 8″ tall, 5 ounce spray can, with a picture of lavender and lemongrass on the front.

The can sprays like an aerosol, not a pump. As long as I hold down the button, product sprays out. However, the label states that this is non-aerosol with no propellants, and is 2x concentrated.


Method makes several scents:

Cut grass
Eucalyptus & Mint
Grapefruit & Pear
Sweet Water
Vanilla & Apple
Lavender & Lemongrass

I sprayed them all in the Target store, and fell in love with this Lavender and Lemongrass scent! I really appreciate the smell of real lavender, and I would say that the lavender scent does dominate this spray.

The Method website states that this “Patented, odor-eliminating technology neutralizes bad odors, not just covers them up.”

The ingredients are not listed on the can, but I have found that it contains natural essential oils and no chemicals. I hate the chemical smell of some air fresheners, but I don’t get that reaction when I spray the Method products. They are fresh and clean and really do a great job in the bathroom of removing odors.

This product is environmentally friendly since it does not contain any propellants. I feel good about using it and don’t worry about inhaling toxic chemicals. The can states that this spray is not tested on animals, is non-toxic and is biodegradable.

I love the fact that when I spray it, a super fine mist goes into the air, and if it lands on me I don’t feel wet or the need to wipe it off. The only downside is that once this is sprayed, the odor doesn’t tend to linger as long as other chemically laden products. I’d say that 5 minutes is about the maximum time that I notice the smell, but when it dissipated, so do the odors I am trying to eliminate.

The can is made of aluminum and can be recycled.

There is, of course, a caution warning adults to keep this out of the reach of children, and not to spray in eyes or on the skin. Even natural ingredients can be harsh if used improperly, so don’t let the “all natural” labeling lure you into thinking this is safe to have within a child’s reach.

Bottom line, I am extremely pleased with the scent and odor fighting ability of my Method Lavender & Grass Air Enhancer.

This product used to sell at the Method website for only $4.00, but I noticed they have raised their price to $5.00.

About The Company

Method is committed to providing earth and people friendly, non-toxic products. Their ingredients are pure and include soy, coconut and palm oils, as well as essential oils. These safe, quality ingredients are much more expensive to use than the chemical alternatives that are so prevalent today.

If you have a green household like I do, you might want to look into the complete line of Method household cleaning products. When I use the Method Air Enhancer, I truly feel like I am eliminating odors, not just covering them up. And that’s a great feeling.

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