Review of the Next-gen Madden 2007 for the Xbox 360

This is a big day for gamers around the states to wait outside of there local ebgames or Circuit City’s to get there very own copy of EA’s game Madden 2007. If you have been living under a rock for the past years and I hope not, you will know that Madden is one of the biggest sports games that EA releases for the consoles. Now it has taken up a notch and is being release into the next-gen consoles and the first console to get the taste is the Xbox 360 pretty much what I have seen from demos to actually gameplay in E3 has been amazing knowing that the HDTV is making a popular appreance in the console.

Bring out the color and graphics alot more and making the game hole lot sharper. Now you have been playing Madden for the past 4 years you wont see any difference into the controls or gameplay but you will notice the difference in the Menu and and what added features you will see in the game. The first one I’m going to talk about is the “Superstar Hall of Famce Mode” now you might think well I could play Hall of Famers yea your right, but how about I tell you can create a player all the way down to his DNA, picking the perfect parents to spawn a superstar.

So if you think a doctor mom who likes spelunking and a golfing dad who plays videogames will make you a winning quarterback, here’s your chance. Then again, if you don’t like the parents you’re given, all you have to do is hit a button and a new mom and dad appear. Cycle through sets of parents to find the perfect match (each coupling produces a different position on the field), then create your character’s custom look down to the facemask, gloves, and pads. All positions except for punter and kicker are available to play, and every position is a completely different gaming experience.

Now when I tried this I was in shock cause I said “Finally I could control my game a hole lot better” and oh yes it really is shocking, what a great add on EA has bought into this game. What a difference it makes in the style and gameplay great job EA. Moving along onto the next part of the game is the graphics, great detail and great sharpness that EA has use in the Xbox 360 to tell you the truth the High Definition has really made the game look so much better, because if you play this on a regular tv you wont see any major changes at all.

The stadiums and players look great and with a really nice HDTV the crowd looks a hole lot clearer now being the next-gen consoles are so much more powerful. I think the next Madden that will be release you going to see more power graphics getting push out and more detail features will be in play. Still great job EA with the smooth gameplay and sharpness EA has bought into this next-gen console and you could see it is going to get better. The controls in the game has not really change much but has added some great little features as in controlling your offensive line and being able to control the holes so your runningback has some more running room.

I like this feature because it really brings the game into more in depth and opens up alot more plays for you to pick and create from. Sound is great like it has always been but my favorite is being that you could hear the noise right from the line making the game more intense when the situation is getting hot. Hear the players trash talk more and making it so much more enjoyable.

Lastly is the online play come on, you know for sure the online play is going to be fun but I feel now with the gameplay making it easier to control the pace and the line it is going to be more interesting with running plays and making the player create there own style in running and following up on the plays. This is a great game and it is going to get better, EA has made a winner here and bringing the next-gen consoles a hole lot funnier. You all have to check it out and I’m pretty sure you all will enjoy it.

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