Room Darkening Options for Window Blinds and Shades

It is easy to find stylish window treatments with room darkening options. Even though a lot of these options come special order through stores, the difference that they make in a room can be stunning. If you sleep during the day, or are tired of the glare on your television set, you may consider buying room darkening window treatments. This article lists the options that are available for different types of blinds and shades.

Faux Wood and Wood Blinds

-No Holes: This option means the blind has no route holes for the strings that go through the slats of the blind.

-Cloth Tapes: These go along where the route holes would be to block light from the holes. They also add decoration to the blind.

Roman Shades

-Privacy Liners: These liners block out more light than just the fabric of the shade would.

Cellular Shades

-Blackout: Usually cellular shades labelled blackout have an outer layer in the cells that looks like foil. This reflective surface helps to block the sun.

Roller Shades

-Blackout: These shades are made of thick vinyl that block out the sun. Usually the vinyl will be at least 12mm thick.

All of these options for window treatments will block out the most sunlight. If you want to block out even more, an outside mount would be a good choice. This way there isn’t even sunlight showing in the space between the blind and the window frame.

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