Selling Your Crafts Online

It’s expensive nowadays to have a real store in the real world. Rent, utilities, advertising and supplies alone will eat all your profits. In order to stay afloat you’d have to raise prices sky-high and then lose customers because of the soaring costs. Sell your items online, though, and you have little overhead at all.

There are some great places where you can sell your products online and reap profits. One place is called Under The Rainbow Online Craft Mall. There, crafters can post up to 20 items that are homemade for free. The mall features hundreds of crafters and handmade crafts from around the continent.

At Under The Rainbow they advertise for you, offer picture editing, provide a shipping calculator and include you, if desired, in their online celebrations. At the celebrations you can show your wares to attendees who are there specifically to view and purchase crafts. If your items sell Under The Rainbow takes a small fee of $2 per 5 items sold. To join, you pay a one time payment of $5 which gives you all the member benefits offered. Read more about this site at

The AOK Corral is another place where crafters can show their wares and sell to visitors. The site has a secure shopping system in place and each crafter has his or her own booth. Put up photos, and get free advertising for your crafts. Some categories, such as bath and body products or candles aren’t accepted since they already have so many, so have a look around the site before deciding to sign up with them. Prices are reasonable and you don’t have to have any computer programming knowledge to participate. Check this site out at:

At Artisans Market you can show your wares in categories like botanicals, clothing, jewelry, fine art, garden, or furniture. You may have to adjust your prices, though, since the site takes 20% of your sales. They do, however, advertise for you and feature various artists on their home page. They also offer a free trial of their services so you can tell if it will be worth your while to join. Have a look:

At Crafters Bazaar you must already have your own website but they will advertise for you. You will join a group of crafters who tell a little something about their site and their crafts. Visitors can read about your crafts and click on the link to go to your page. The cost is minimal and includes an ad in their newsletter. Find out more here:

If you’re serious about selling your crafts online it’s good to join a group of other crafters because every advertisement they send for their site will be also advertising yours. Read all the fine print before signing with an online craft mall or group to make sure you understand the terms and what is required from you, as well as what they will offer you in return.

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