Seven Easy Beauty Tips for the Everyday Woman

There was once a girl who was strikingly beautiful. Okay, she never took the time to brush or manage her back-length tresses, felt that her personality was enough so make-up was not an option and although she earned enough, her clothing did not compliment her busty, tiny-framed body. I thought she was beautiful but she was not at all interested in looking the part. This troubled me because I wondered what made people get out of the bed, shake off the sleep and walk into the world without caring about the outer parts of what makes them who they are. The way you look does matter.

Money could be an issue when an individual wishes to look their best but are unable to spend absurd amounts of money. There is resourceful bunch that understand the value of rummaging through clearance racks at their favorite store and work miracles at home for a few bucks.

Red Tag Blow Out
At your favorite store, the clearance racks and “must go” merchandise are just items that were moved from the regularly priced sections of the store. Three months ago, it was $29.99, now it’s $16.99 and makes for a great afternoon at the mall because now you can get two for one. On-Line Shopping With over a billion websites now occupying the web, this is the perfect place to bargain shop for items because it requires no walking at all. You can point-and-click your way to a great outfit and can usually get free shipping if a bargain is what you really seek.

I’m Already Beautiful!
Granted there are some women who just over-do the make-up thing, there are small things that can be done that don’t require plastering or removing your face. Go to your local drug store which is the best place to find decently priced make-up and get a lip-liner (black or brown), lip moisturizer or balm, lip gloss, and eye shadow that matches your skin tone and not your outfit (for example, for minorities, browns, tans, golds, coppers and maybe mauves). Once you get your goodies, begin by lining your lips, and then apply moisturizer and gloss. For the eyes, you can apply along the bottom of your eyes and along the lid, apply the eye shadow, lightly. This will give you a softer more natural look without making you feel like a circus clown.

FYI: Compact powder and foundation are of a personal choice but there are many of us who really don’t need it because it does steal from a natural look. To combat skin problems, wash your face often after coming from outside, cooking and working out. Foundation does not cover skin that is not cared for; it becomes a pile of gunk on top of a break out of bumps. Not attractive at all.

Care For Over-Used Hands and Tired Feet
As lovely as it is to go to the local nail shop, this can be expensive. This does not mean that there aren’t any other options

Hands: Apply cuticle oil and while that softens and moisturizes cuticles, clip and file nails to a comfortable, even length. You should use cuticle tools to push softened cuticles in a downward motion, there are some who are more resourceful and use the tools that they have. Now, if there are individual issues that you experience such as broken/chipped nails or non-growth, there are plenty of low-cost nail systems in the beauty store around your way. Apply these treatments before color polishes and topcoats. A simple approach but very much worth it are two coats of nail hardener and maybe a top coat if you nail hardener’s shine is insignificant. Then, after all of the major construction is done, apply moisturizing lotion to soften hands and nourish the skin around the cuticle. You would be please as punch with the outcome.

Feet: Soaking is just always the best place to start. Never mind the dampness your feet got in the shower or that you just soaked them in a bath. Get a small plastic tub big enough and deep enough for your feet to be completely emerged and fill it with warm/hot water. There are inexpensive items most beauty stores such as scrubs, deep soaks and replenishing formulas. Find one in your budget and go for it. For less that $3, you can get a scrubbing tool to file dead skin from heels and other rough parts of tired feet. Once dried and moisturized, apply nail treatments then color and a topcoat.

Hair Do or Hair Doesn’t Even Matter
The biggest thing that needs to be considered when choosing hairstyles is maintenance. Are you able to keep the style pinned, curled, laying over or pushed under, like the stylist who gave you the hairdo? Well, it is cost efficient to invest in hairstyles instead of just paying for them. There are many styles on the market that don’t require as much maintenance but still look incredible, which is basically for the “I don’t have time” type of individuals. You may not be taking the time, but it doesn’t mean that you have to look like you don’t really care.

Accessory Essentials
The best-looking outfit can look dragged through the dirt when the right earrings or wrist fashion is absent. There are earrings, bracelets and matching sets for under $5 in most beauty stores. For blending and matching purposes, stick with gold, silver or a mixture of both. These knock-offs are not meant to be over-worn but with a finished look, they do serve their limited wear purpose.

Effortless Beauty
Daily care of skin is the easiest way to look ageless. Washing your face is necessary to get off layers of environmental dirt, dust and germs. There are bar and liquid soaps that work fine. There are skin-cleansing systems for the face and other trouble spots where dry or sensitive skin may be. Also, there are masks, peels and toners for deeper, purifying skin maintenance.

And after cleansing you skin, get moisturizing so that the face and body look supple and youthful. This will push your natural beauty up a couple of notches without even trying that hard.

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