Shaving, Waxing, Depilatories… At-Home Hair Removal Options

Smooth, silky, sexy�hairless. In most cases, society and relationships dictate that barely there and very little hair are the ways to achieve the ultimate in sexiness. But when it comes to ridding our bodies of unwanted hair, what is the best approach?

Shaving seems to be the standby of all time, with quick whisks of the blade in the shower solving our problems oh-so temporarily. Lotion hair removers like Nair and Sally Hansen brand depilatories make a lot of promises but don’t always produce the results they pledge. At-home waxing kits can be very time consuming, but if executed properly, you can be hair-free for weeks if not months.

Your personal needs will best determine which method of hair removal is right for you. Consider the following product report cards, featuring the pros and cons, risks and efficacy.


Costs: Inexpensive, but it adds up over time. Razors and shaving cream; $5 – $10 per month or less

Time Required: Anywhere from five minutes to a half-hour or more

Results Last: One to three days; Results vary from person to person. I personally shave every day because the hair typically tends to grow back by the end of a 24-hour period.

Risks: The only real risks involve nicking your skin by shaving carelessly. If deep enough, those nicks may cause scarring.

Pros: Inexpensive, fairly easy to do, no true dangers involved, generally very effective – even if only temporarily

Cons: Results don’t last very long. It becomes frustrating when you have to shave every day or suffer with stubbly legs, etc. If you get goose bumps, watch out! Stubble is sure to follow.


Costs: Typically less than $10, possibly less than $5

Time Required: 10 minutes to a half-hour, possibly longer

Results Last:
I have not been successful in achieving favorable results as of yet. According to those who have achieved success with such depilatories, results may last longer than shaving.

Irritation, allergic reaction, chemical burns, possible lack of results; Follow directions very closely to avoid problems.

If it works, it is a nice alternative to shaving because it minimizes the risk of nicks and cuts. Also, depilatories can produce results that last longer than shaving if effective.

Takes longer than shaving. Doesn’t always produce proper results. Can cause irritation or damage to skin, especially small red bumps along the hair follicles. Often carries an unpleasant odor.


Costs: Moderate in price; Costs do add up over time. At-home waxing kits typically cost anywhere from $5 to $20+ each.

Time Required: HOURS – No kidding, but try to split up the areas of your body and apply the wax on different days if you are doing an at-home waxing. In other words, don’t try to wax your legs, bikini line and underarms all in the same day unless you want a headache!

Results Last:
Results last anywhere from three weeks to two months, depending on the effectiveness of the treatment.

Waxing doesn’t carry too many risks with it; women applying this hair removal treatment should be careful not to burn themselves by heating the wax at too high a temperature. Also, be sure to test the wax on a small area prior to use in case of allergic reaction.

What a nice change from shaving! Waxing prevents stubble from coming through until the hairs physically grow back. Smoothness and silkiness endure, leaving your body hair-free and super sexy. At-home treatments are moderately priced and well worth the time it takes to perform the procedure.

The time involved to remove hair can be tiresome, but it was well worth it to me. Sometimes the wax can be difficult to handle, and at times it doesn’t effectively remove all the hair. Frequent trips to the microwave to reheat the wax become annoying.

All bodies respond differently to different treatments, chemicals and products. Be sure to test a small area first before applying a large quantity of product, to ensure that your skin does not become irritated. Read all instructions and follow them

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