Stained Glass Instructions and Tips

Stained glass creations are gorgeous but you just don’t see modern homes with stained glass very often. The art is quickly fading away except for a few people who still enjoy creating the masterpieces. You can learn how to do stained glass with step-by-step instructions at The Store

From choosing a pattern, to numbering it, to tracing it on the glass, The Store Finder will help you through all the steps, discussing the tools needed and how to use them as well. They’ll show you how to score the glass, break the pieces, and grind them to shape.

After guiding you through the initial steps The Store Finder will then teach you how to foil and solder the pieces, and the best way to clean and finish the stained glass. You’ll easily be able to follow along since the steps are illustrated and the wording easy to understand.

After you’ve had some practice at staining glass you may be interested in area retailers of the supplies you need, or studios where you can go to make other stained glass pieces. The site features a search engine that will help you locate both. It also keeps visitors updated about up and coming stained glass exhibits and conventions, too.

If you’re staining glass you’ll need patterns and you’ll get them free at The Store Finder. Holiday designs, floral patterns, Japanese designs, and other patterns are free for the taking at the site. As a matter of fact, the list of free patterns is seemingly endless with a large selection of themes along with instructions.

There’s a bulletin board where you can discuss stained glass with others, advertise your creations for sale, or just meet others interested in glass work. Their library has FAQ’s about staining glass, magazine and publication listings, stained glass terms and definitions, beginner’s guides and much more.

And, if you want to keep up-to-date on the latest accessories and tools from manufacturers of stained glass products, you’ll do so by checking their “What’s New” page, full of unique and unusual products that are the latest in stained glass technology.

Don’t forget to drop by their “Glassifieds” to find stained glass pieces for sale, to sell your own, or to purchase tools and supplies. Wondering how the art of stained glass ever got started? Check out their ‘History of Stained Glass’ page, full of exciting information and facts surrounding the history of stained glass.

For those interested in other glass crafts there’s tutorials for painting on glass as well as other projects. Visit the site, jump on in, and begin making your own creations. You’ll save a lost art, impress your friends, and maybe even make a little money from your creations.

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