Star Wars Galaxies: This Game Just Doesn’t Make the Cut

I recently bought the massive Star Wars online multiplayer game ‘Star Wars Galaxies.’ I bought this game because I am a college student who doesn’t have much time to unwind and when I do, though I have friends, I don’t like to party. Well, just having recently got into the whole Star Wars craze (I know, I’m a thirty years late), I was interested in this game.

It would allow me to play something to unwind and actually have some human interaction while doing so. Now I know George Lucas has made some gaffes in the Star Wars franchise, but I didn’t think his grasp actually reached to the games, yet I feel that his fingerprints are all over this number.

My first warning when I got home that this game would be something a little less than good was a warning on the box. The warning stated that I would need a valid credit card and a monthly subscription to play this game. This put me off right away, but some of you may ask why I didn’t notice this little warning at the store, because you need a microscope to find it. I figured that since the monthly subscription was only about $15 that I didn’t have anything to worry about since I can afford $15. So figuring no harm no foul, I opened the package and installed the game.

This is where the second warning came in. Even though my computer far surpassed the maximum requirements (my cousin built my computer for me) this game did not want to install smoothly. I got warning after warning about graphics cards and processors even though mine are, at the moment, top-of-the-line. After about an hour fooling around I finally got it to install. I figured I was good to go and I set up my account to play.

Now here’s another warning that didn’t bother me, but may bother other players: beyond the subscription there are also other little fees. Like I said before, this didn’t bother me and I proceeded with the game. Now one of the reasons I bought the game was that it allowed players to create their own characters and being the nerd I am, I wanted to create one that looked like me. I went through the whole process of making my character and making him a member of the Dark Side. I was about a minute into the whole game when the game crashed and number of messages about missing files came up.

I got angry and decided to go to the message board to figure out this problem. Apparently other people had had bugs with the game. At his point I was really angry and I no longer wanted to bother with the game after only having owned it for about three hours. I figured I was out about $35 and decided it was a good lesson for me to research a product before I bought it. I don’t recommend this game for anyone, it’s not worth it. Now to those who are wondering why I didn’t discuss game play, well myself and apparently other people can never get far enough to discuss game play.

Don’t buy this game.

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