Students Find Internships in Collin County, Texas

Now that bachelors’ degrees are becoming more and more commonplace, student internships help differentiate overachieving students from their more average peers. These positions, while often unpaid, not only show occupations for what they really are (dispelling Hollywood glam), but provide invaluable job-hunting contacts once graduation rears its inevitable head. Collin County has several sources students should investigate for such positions:

The Collin County Children’s Advocacy Center
Social Work majors, both undergrad and graduate
Contact the Community Resource Department at (972)-633-6600

Texas Juvenile Probation Department
Majors in Social Work, Criminology, Public Administration, Sociology
Contact Human Resources at (972) 548-4130

Area Agency on Aging of North Central Texas
Majors in Health Care Administration, Social Work
Contact Volunteer Ombudsman Program at 1-(800)-272-3921

Texas Tornados Hockey Team
Majors in Sports Marketing, Public Relations, Business
Send resume and cover letter to

Junior Achievement of Richardson
Majors in Nonprofit Administration, Business
Contact Human Resources at (972) 690-8484

Josh McDowell Ministries
Majors in Religious Studies
Contact Human Resources at (972) 907-1000

Plano Star Courier
Majors in Journalism
Contact the Business Office at (972) 424-6565

The City of Plano
Majors in Public Administration, Education, Business Administration
Call Robin Popik at (972) 941-7114

J. C. Penney
Majors in Business, Fashion Merchandising
Apply online at

Women of Faith Conference
Majors in Business, Public Relations, Religious Studies
Send resume with cover letter to

Center for American and International Law
Majors in Pre-Law, Non-Profit Administration
Fax resumes to 972.244.3401

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