Suffering from Back Pain?

When the back hurts, the entire body seems to hurt, and the health of a person’s back can affect their employment, their personal life, and their overall well being. Keeping the back healthy is vital because some back injuries inflict permanent damage to the back. Those already suffering from back pain can successfully manage that pain and keep the back from suffering further damage. People often can manage their back pain without surgery or the use of prescription pain killers. Simply changing old habits can often take away back pain and keep that pain from coming back.

Preventing Back Pain

The manner in which heavy items are lifted can greatly contribute to back injury and pain. Lifting things carefully and responsibly can prevent back injury that ultimately causes back pain. Correct posture can also greatly influence back health and back pain as can the quality of a mattress or a pair of shoes. Make the right choices, consciously change old habits, and back pain will disappear.

Lifting and Moving Heavy Objects

Before lifting a heavy object consider the size and weight of that object. Don’t try lifting something that is unreasonably heavy. Use a handcart or obtain the help of someone else. Lifting something entirely too heavy is not worth risking the health of your back and causing undue pain. All it takes is one time to pull a muscle, damage the spine, and cause excruciating back pain.

When reaching for an item overhead, stand on a sturdy ladder or step stool. Get as close as possible to the item before picking it up. Reaching and lifting can cause severe back injury and pain.

If you must lift something heavy, be sure to keep the spine well aligned while lifting. Don’t twist or turn while in the process of lifting or placing the item. Don’t lift a very heavy item over the head or straight out from the body. Consciously bend at the knees and lift using the muscles of the legs instead of the back. When setting the item down, it’s again important to bend at the knees. Keep the item close to the body in an effort to prevent undue strain to the back. When in doubt don’t lift a heavy item. If possible, push a heavy item, but never pull something heavy. The pain and injuries that could be inflicted on the back are not worth taking a chance.

Furniture for Back Pain Prevention

Furniture that is firm will help keep the back healthy and free from pain. Avoid sitting on soft overstuffed sofas and chairs. Make sure the back is well supported and well aligned.

The quality and firmness of a mattress can also contribute to back pain and back health. A mattress that is too soft can cause more pain than ever imagined, so make sure the mattress is firm. A bed board may be necessary to create the firmness necessary to keep the back free from pain.

Posture, Habits, and Back Pain

Good posture and good habits involving posture are paramount in preventing and getting rid of back pain. Those who must sit for long periods of time should get up and move around approximately every thirty minutes. Sitting in the same position too long can put pressure on certain areas of the back and spine, and the result can be back pain.

Keeping the legs about an inch above the hips while in a sitting position can greatly help keep the back free from pain and align it properly. If necessary, use a thick cushioned mat or a stool to rest the feet upon while sitting. This slight lift will help prevent back pain.

Those who work while standing on concrete floors can greatly benefit by standing on a thick cushioned mat. Employers who don’t provide cushioned mats for employees to stand upon should be asked to provide them for the comfort and health of employees. Thick cushioned mats greatly help prevent fatigue and back pain. An employee who is free of back pain and fatigue is a more productive employee.

While standing for long periods of time, it’s beneficial to shift body weight from one leg to the other every so often. It is also helpful to lift one foot and rest it on a stool or against the other leg. This habit will help prevent back pain and leg fatigue.

Back Pain Relief

Those already suffering from back pain can avoid further injury by practicing the aforementioned suggestions. They can also find relief by practicing the following methods of back pain alleviation. These methods of pain relief can lessen or even eliminate costly and time-consuming trips to the doctor.

Mild back pain can be relieved by soaking in a bathtub filled with warm water for 30 minutes at a time. After a warm soak, pain can be relieved by resting in a prone position on a firm mattress with a heating pad beneath the area of pain. Place a large pillow beneath the knees and a small pillow beneath the head. Immediate relief will be noticed, and back pain sufferers will find the rest they are seeking. Resting for a day or two would be ideal, but unfortunately most have obligations that won’t allow them to stay in bed indefinitely. Rest as much as possible to relieve back pain and help the back begin to heal.

Also, try ibuprofen to relieve back pain. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory, and the over-the-counter pain reliever can greatly help back pain sufferers and relieve back pain. A physician should be contacted and asked what the maximum dose is for the particular medical condition of an individual. Ibuprofen can cause stomach problems, so back pain sufferers should ask always seek professional medical advice before taking a higher dosage than recommended. A prescription strength dose of ibuprofen is 800 milligrams, so back pain sufferers may be able to take more than the standard dose recommended on the label without having to obtain an expensive prescription.

Regular exercise can help those suffering from back pain. Walking is the best type of exercise, and any otherwise healthy individual can partake in this activity. Biking is also a great way to strengthen muscles and improve the overall health of the body and back.

Those suffering from back pain after an accident or injury should seek the care of a physician as soon as possible. Back pain radiating into the legs or hips, or pain that affects bowel and urinary continence should be addressed immediately. Back pain that affects other parts of the body should be looked into right away because pain of this type may indicate a more serious problem.

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