Susan Butcher -The Iditarod Legend

Susan Butcher – The Iditarod Legend

In the hearts of Alaska
Along the river of Chena
There was a musher
Whose name was Susan Butcher.

She was an iron rod
At the Iditarod,
The 1049 miles-Anchorage to Nome
Was not an easy way home.

The four time Iditarod champion
Dreaded by men, at the Alaska terrain,
Susan gave a new slogan to Alaska
Which could be heard through the Parka.

Alaska, were men are men,
And women win the Iditarod
The last great race on Earth
Where tenacity was never in dearth.

Leukemia never let her prevail
Yet, in the Iditarod trail
Susan’s memories dwell
And make our hearts swell.�¯�¿�½

Created By
Shantha Shanmugham

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