Sylvia Browne: Psychic or Just Plain Silly?

Sylvia Browne is a renowned psychic and spiritual teacher who has appeared numerous times on The Montell Williams Show and Larry King Live. During her appearances, Browne answers questions from the audience about lost loved ones, dead loved ones, and/or psychic predictions. Because of the overwhelming accuracy of her predictions, Browne now has thousand upon thousand of followers. She has also written several books that have consistently been #1 New York Times Best Sellers.

Whether Browne is indeed truly gifted is up to each individual to decide for themselves. I will say however, that no one can be a believer in Sylvia Browne if there is no belief in the afterlife and with psychics in general. As far as myself, I tend to have an open mind and can believe many of things that Browne says. Yet there are other things that make me a bit skeptical as well. The following paragraphs list some of Browne’s most popular beliefs. Hopefully, individuals that do not know much about Browne and what she represents will come away with an idea and be able to formulate an opinion on their own .

Spirit Guides

Browne insists that every person has a Spirit Guide that is around them, and looking after them all the time. Spirit Guides are spiritual entities that have chosen to help you while you are away at school. According to Browne, Earth is merely just a school where we all come to learn lessons before returning to home to the Spirit world. Browne claims that we choose our Spirit Guides and they choose us before we decide to come to Earth. Even though not everyone can hear or see their Guides, Browne assures us all that they are always there. Browne states that she talks to her Spirit Guide daily, and can even have her Spirit Guide come into her body and use her body as an insturment to speak to others that don’t have the ability to talk to their own Guide.

The Afterlife

Browne 100% believes that there is an afterlife and that every single human being goes there. Where they go once they get there is up to them. Browne claims that the majority of people will go through the popular “light” where they are welcomed by deceased loved ones and a state of absolute bliss. However, if people refuse the light because they are just plain immoral, they will be directed to something Browne calls the “Left Door”. This is not Hell, and in fact, Browne states that the only thing that is close to Hell is Earth. The Left Door is where souls go when they decide they do not want the divine light, and usually as quick as they are into the Left Door, they are back in utero to be reincarnated again. They keep repeating a vicious cycle of going into darkness then reincarnating, until they finally decide to embrace the light and be one with God. This of course, sparks a lot of controversy for people who were raised to believe that there is a Hell. However, it is up to the individual to decide for themselves and find their true belief.

Browne also believes that there is no Judgement Day except for how one judges themselves. She says there is no one in the Spirit World casting stones at the bad deeds that humans did while on Earth. On the other hand, we ourselves will be able to relive our entire lives and then decide if we should return to Earth and leave what is basically Paradise, to come back and try it all over again, hoping to get it right this time.

Besides being able to return to Earth, Browne also claims that we all choose our own parents and location that our next life will have. Everything is already written out in our charts before we return to Earth, and what happens to us while we are here is because of the paths that we have chosen ourselves before coming to earth.

According to Browne, all animals go to the “light” when they leave Earth. She even insists that our cherished pets still look after us when they die.

Ghosts and Earth Bound Spirits

Browne has a method to differentiate Spirits that visit Earth and Ghosts that visit. Ghosts do not realize or just refuse to believe that they are indeed dead. This could be because they died rather quickly and didn’t realize what had happened, or because they refuse to let go of their life here on Earth because of loved ones. Browne claims that she urges ghosts to go towards the light so that they can get on with their purpose, but many times it doesn’t work.

Spirits on the other hand, realize that they are deceased as far as Earth goes. Although according to Browne no one truly ever dies, Spirits at least understand that their Earth body has died and that they no longer live on Earth. Spirits can come back for various reasons. The number one reason spirits visit on Earth is to see loved ones and reassure them that they are o.k. As far as evil spirits, Browne is absolutely certain that they cannot do any bodily harm to anyone, but they can spook people if they let them.

Many people will and already do disagree with Browne’s teachings. However, many others have been so profoundly affected by her touching and healing readings, that they would trust her with their lives. .

Whether you decide to believe Browne is up to you, but I can say that she has helped many people get through hard times year after year. She has endlessly dealt with skeptics and doesn’t seem worried about them anymore. Others that believed her before have now turned away because it seems that all she wants is money lately. I cannot say whether that is true or not, but what I can say that people that do decide to read Syvlia Browne’s books will definitely come away with something entertaining and interesting.

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