That Bird-Noise Clock

That bird-noise clock sure was neat;
just this afternoon I had a real treat.
I taped the sounds once on my micro-cassette;
the behavior I observed I will never forget.

The tape was playing, I stood by the screen door;
squirrels jumping to-and-fro as they love to explore.
Their bodies just froze as they heard each bird call;
it was like they each had some kind of squirrel highball.

I watched them in amazement as they didn’t move an inch;
the sound was crystal clear when they heard the goldfinch.
But even better yet was the Great Horned Owl;
if those squirrels could, they would try to growl.

The higher pitched calls were the better of the lot;
if those bushy tails could talk they’d hold a boycott.
I never saw squirrels completely still, have you;
guess I’ll have the last word, like cock-a-doodle-doo.

That bird-noise clock sure was neat;
everyday now I just enjoy that treat.
Perhaps someday they’ll quit jumping on the roof;
until then I’ll just engage in some daily spoof.

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