The Advantages of Private School

I have attended public school for many years. I also have attended private school for a while back in the day of my school years. I have seen both sides of the fence so to speak. I will tell you a few things and one of them is that I got a better education at private school than I did at public school.

People that attend a private school are able to get the help that need in whichever subjects that they need help with because of learning disabilities or whichever the case may be . The students are able to get the proper help that they need.

The most important thing about private school is one to one help with the teacher there to help them individually.

The class sizes are much smaller in private school than compared to public schools. Private school has probably half of the students in a classroom than public schools do. With less students in the classroom at the private school the teachers are able to devote more time to helping the students.

Private schools usually provide better text books to use for the subject that is currently being taught in the classroom. They are able to accelerate the students at a more quick pace than those in public school.

The private school can help people with learning disability or those who are slow learners. Some of them just need a little help with learning the basic skills such as math.

Some students in public schools never really fully understood the basic concepts of math or other various subjects. The public schools would usually just pass students onto the next grade regardless of being able to do basic math or not. They would let the students slip through the cracks so to speak.

Students that attend private school are able to get a better education because they strongly focus on learning and overall they help you in other aspects of life. Most private schools have strict rule and usually uniforms or a strict dress code of only certain colors you can wear. Some private schools require the young men to wear a collared shirt along with a tie and the young ladies to wear modest skirts or dresses.

They also teach the students to be respectful to the elders and other people around them. Private schools teach you basic life skills to learn how to behave properly as a young adult in society.

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