The Role of Women in Season 2 of 24

As a huge fan of Fox’s hit television drama “24” it is interesting to note the character development in the series. The role of women is something that I have examined very closely and it is interesting to note how they are portrayed. There are several key women who play important roles in Season 2 of the show: Sheri, David Palmer’s wife, Kim Baur, Jack Baur’s daughter, Nina Myers, the criminal CTU agent, and Shirley, the press secretary for the president.

Sheri Palmer is an interesting character than I personally have come to detest. Perhaps that is the way she was meant to be portrayed. She does nothing but deceive her husband the president all while claiming that she ha her best interests at heart. President Palmer should have never let her back into the White House as she proved once again to go behind the president’s back as she knew vital information about the nuclear bomb that the Counter Terrorist Unit was trying to find and deactivate.

Kim Baur is another character whom I have come to hate. She is gorgeous but she really makes the phrase “dumb blond” stand out. Every episode she seems to get into more and more trouble. She unjustly blamed her father for her mothers death and then shuts Jack Baur out of her life. When she needs trouble she calls him for help and then never ever follows his advice except when she needs to be bailed out of jail. She foolishly trusts strangers she doesn’t know and does really dumb things. In one of the episodes she points a gun at a man who is crazy and then instead of shooting him she hands over the gun.

This leads to her being held hostage by this man who now has her gun pointed at her. Then there is the ridiculousness od her kidnapping her friends daughter who has a husband who beats her. She can’t go to the cops and doesn’t do anything except get into more trouble which leads to her courageous boyfriend Miguel getting his leg chopped off and amputated. I wish in one of the episodes a criminal simply killed her.

Nina Myers once again appears in “24” and this time she holds vital information to the location of a bomb. She is a powerful woman and plays the role well. She is able to be granted a pardon by the president in return for her information. After a few episodes, she is written out of the series.

The press secretary Lynn for President David Palmer is a woman whom I have come to admire and respect as she has stood her ground against Sheri Palmer and stood by the president’s side depsite people in his cabinet who are allying against him to take control of the presidency. She is a woman who also holds a lot of power but knows how to use it.

Altogether, I think that the main women in the show are portrayed as being quite dumb and foolish with the exception of one or two females on the show. The side story with Kim Baur is a waste of my time and I hate it when they break from the terrorist story to show Kim Baur getting into trouble once again like runing from the police.

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