The Top Grocery Stores in Newark, Delaware

There are many different grocery shopping choices in and around Newark, Delaware! In Newark, itself, however, three stand above the rest in my humble opinion. Here is some information about which stores I like and why!

Pathmark is located at 100 College Square in Newark, Delaware. This is a huge super center grocery store. The chain began in 1968 and was named Pathmark because, “This new company would provide a “path” for easy, one-stop shopping, and be the “mark” of one of the most successful supermarket retailers in the United States, ” according to the website! It was one of the first grocery chains to be open 24 hours a day 7 days per week and the location in Newark, Delaware is no exception.

The Pathmark in Newark, Delaware offers groceries and a whole lot more. They have a huge produce department where I have always found the freshest produce. The produce associates are always more than willing to do whatever they can to assist you in finding just the right items, too. Within the produce department is a wonderful salad bar! They have very fresh items to make wonderful salads for lunch or dinner or just to pick up a few items already chopped up to put into some of your meals (I like to get cut up veggies to add to my stir fry dishes to save me time!) They have a wonderful bakery where you can even get personalized photo cakes made. They have a deli counter with fresh-to-order sliced deli meats. In addition to the deli meats, they also have hot prepared foods including fried chicken and rotisserie chickens. They have pre-made sandwiches that are great for purchasing at lunchtime or for a quick dinner.

In addition to regular groceries, you can pick up kitchen supplies, office supplies, and even party supplies right at Pathmark! Pathmark also has a pharmacy where you can refill your prescriptions and buy over the counter medications. And, if you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for someone, you can get them a gift card!

Pathmark has reasonable prices every day on the items I buy. They also have great sales every week including buy one get one sales quite frequently. I like to shop at Pathmark because the prices are right and the selection is always very vast!

Here is the company website for further information:

Another great grocery store in Newark, Delaware is Shoprite. It is located at 19 Chestnut Hill Plaza in Newark, Delaware. This is another large super center grocery store with lots of options. In fact, it is the largest retail-owned cooperative in the United States! The Shoprite company was founded in 1951. The Shoprite of Newark, Delaware is not open 24 hours per day but it comes quite close! It is open from 6AM to 1AM sever days per week! This definitely meets my shopping needs!

Shoprite in Newark, Delaware has a wonderful produce department. This department always has the freshest produce including items that I cannot often find elsewhere. They have a bakery department with the freshest, yummiest desserts I have seen around. Besides desserts, they also carry bagels and breads that are always delicious. Their deli section has fresh sliced-to-order meats and cheeses plus fresh sandwiches made daily.

Additionally, Shoprite has a photo center. If you upload your digital pictures from home, you can pick them up at Shoprite in Newark in two days. Shoprite of Newark, Delaware does not have a pharmacy in the store. In addition, to groceries, you can pick up other necessary supplies at Shoprite in Newark, Delaware. They have a wide selection of both grocery and non-grocery items! They also have some really good weekly sales each week so be sure to check their circular either in your mail, in-store, or online!

Shoprite’s website is located at:

A third great grocery store in Newark, Delaware is Superfresh located at 401 New London Road in Newark, Delaware. The Superfresh chain of stores began in 1982 and although this seems a short time, the parent company, A&P has been in the grocery business since 1859. This is not a huge grocery store but it has many of the departments and necessities that are available in some of the bigger chains.

Superfresh in Newark, Delaware has a nice produce section with fresh produce available. It is not a huge selection but they have the popular items and most of the items I need on a weekly basis. They have a small meat and a small seafood department as well as a deli that slices meats to order. Their bakery department is, again, small but functional. They have most all of the same items as the larger stores do, just not in the great quantity.

There are many services that the bigger super centers have that this location does not have. They do not have a pharmacy and they do not have a salad bar. They do have a photo center where you can get your pictures printed. Just because Superfresh doesn’t have all the services of the bigger stores does not mean it is not as good. Superfresh in Newark, Delaware is nice because it is small! The employees are friendly and helpful and the store is easy to navigate and locate items. I can shop much faster at this store than the bigger stores and this is nice for most of my trips. The prices are good and the sales are great at Superfresh in Newark, Delaware.

The Superfresh website can be found at: /

Grocery stores are not all alike. They all have their own unique “personality” and this is what makes some people like some stores over others. I, personally will shop at all three of the above mentioned grocery stores in Newark, Delaware. I personally prefer, as my TOP choice, the Superfresh in Newark, Delaware because it is small and very friendly! The others are great for specialty items and occasional trips as well!

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