The Top Three Law Schools in Ohio

You have a bachelor’s degree and now you’re ready to take the next step into your future. The field of law fascinates and excites you, but just where to go and how to get in plagues the mind. Where to begin? Begin with the top three law schools in the state of Ohio.

US News & World Report uses specific criteria to rate the top law schools in the United States. Looking at peer assessments, assessment scores by lawyers and judges, the GPA of the undergraduates from the previous year, student to faculty ratio, and the number of students employed before graduation constitute some of the questions asked and answered giving US News & World Report its reasons for the standings. The top three law schools listed for the state of Ohio are Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University, Case School of Law at Case Western Reserve University, and the University of Toledo College of Law. There are many other law schools in Ohio, but these three are consistently rated in the top 100 in the United States.

The best chance of getting into a law school requires decision-making beginning with your undergrad field of study. You must have a degree from an accredited school, however no particular degree is required. A concentration of analytical thinking, logical analysis, and strong writing skills should lead the way. The importance of being able to communicate verbally and in writing cannot be overstated. All law schools require that the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) be taken within three years of entering the school of your choice and that you register with Law School Data Assembly Service.

Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University
The Ohio State University
55 West 12th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210-1391
Main Office
phone: (614) 292-2631
fax: (614) 292-1383

The Michael E. Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University is the top law school in the state of Ohio and landed at 39th nationwide. What makes this school top dog in Ohio?

Located in the city of Columbus, the state capital, has the culture, diversity, and the opportunities of a more urban area that enhances the lives of students. With 55 various organizations and committees there’s something for every interest and passion. You’ll find public advocacy and career development groups such as the ACLU, Ohio State Law Journal, Street Law, Sports and Entertainment Law, Women’s Legal Society, American Trial Lawyers Association (ATLA) and the list goes on. Class sizes ranging from 70 to 35, entice students and assure them of a more intimate learning atmosphere. The law library houses over 700,00 volumes and rates as one of the top 15 law libraries in the United States. To top off the list of reasons that makes Moritz College of law the best in Ohio are two programs that allow students a taste of life beyond the Buckeye state. A study program in Washington D. C. and a study abroad program at historic University of Oxford in the United Kingdom gives students the advantage of diversifying their law school experiences. Approximately 120 prospective employers arrive on campus to recruit and hire students nearing graduation.

With about 2300 prospective students competing for approximately 220 seats knowing exactly how to get in and then taking the necessary steps is all important. The law school offers full time course study beginning in the fall of each year. Applications must be submitted between October 15th and March 1st one year before planning to enter the school. Your application package must include the following: LSAT score of at least 161 and undergraduate GPA and transcript. Include with your application and fee of $60, a personal statement essay not longer than 3 pages and 2 letters of recommendation by professors or significant employers. Once you are admitted, a deposit must be made to hold your seat.

Case School of Law at Case Western Reserve University
Case Western Reserve University
11075 East Boulevard
Cleveland, OH 44106
Toll Free: 800.756.0036
Direct: 216.368.3600
Fax: 216.368.1042

Founded in 1891, Case Law School places as the second best law school in Ohio and 53rd in the US. It is one of the first schools to be accredited by the American Bar Association and a charter member of the American Association of Law Schools (AALS). Located in Cleveland, Ohio, the 14th largest city in the US offers ample opportunities to witness law in action as well as take in the diverse cultural and sporting activities. The Law School boasts a nurturing, mentor driven atmosphere that continues beyond the classroom and into outside world. 704 students attend Case Law School with 40.6% being women, 16.3% are minorities, and 70% hale from outside Ohio. Graduates in their first year out of law school earned a median income of $72,000. 72.9% were hired before graduating and 56.6% of the graduates were employed by law firms; excellent statistics to encourage interested undergraduates.

According to Case Law School admissions, “When we review files, our question is this: is a candidate ready to meet the intellectual challenges of our program?” To get into Case Law School at Case Western Reserve University you’ll need the aforementioned LSAT as well as registering with the Law School Data Assembly Service. Beyond those two necessities you must have your GPA and transcript from an accredited university. The admissions committee will look at your LSAT score, your GPA and transcript from an accredited university that tells them the difficulty of classes taken, if you have a sound background in writing with an emphasis on critical thinking and logical analysis. If you have been out of school for several years and employed, you’re employment record will come into play, also. An application can be submitted online for free or one filled out and mailed at a fee of $40. You may include up to three letters of recommendation; it’s not necessary, but highly recommended. Hesitation in getting your application and the required essentials for apply is not advised, Case Law School has only 215 seats available.

University of Toledo College of Law
2801 West Bancroft, MS 507
Toledo, Ohio 43606-3390
Phone: 419-530-4131

The University of Toledo College of Law came in a surprising 3rd in Ohio and 93rd in the US as one of the top law schools according to US News & World Report. Toledo, a mid size city of approximately 350,000 people is home to the University of Toledo College of Law as well as to one of the finest zoos in the nation and an outstanding art museum. Easy to navigate, the city offers cultural activities and the Mud Hens, the Detroit Tigers farm team. In a matter of minutes you can leave the city proper and find yourself at a more relaxed pace in a pastoral setting. A great escape from city and law school pressures. The law school is a firm believer in complete student support, in and out of the classroom. Small class sizes are another draw to this school with a ration of 13 students to 1 professor. Full and part time programs are offered giving students who need to be employed while attending law school the opportunity continue their education. The average income after graduation is $53,000 usually at law firms. 97% of the graduates found jobs within a few months of graduation.

The same requirements exist for the University of Toledo College of Law as they do for the other two schools. Registering with the Law School Data Assembly Service and taking the LSAT within 3 years of entering law school are musts. Complete and submit an application along with a $40 fee. Two letters of recommendation from professors or employers are required and should include extracurricular activities, if you have any unique talents or skills, significant employment, and if you’ve participated in community services. A personal statement is not required but is highly recommended as an effort that goes beyond the necessary. When vying for a spot in class of 250 with 1,100 others, give yourself every feasible chance to be successful.

The top three Ohio law schools in Ohio, Moritz Law School at Ohio State University, Case Law School at Case Western Reserve University and the University of Toledo College of Law, all have one thing in common: the competition to garner a seat in their classrooms is fierce. The majority of students in all three schools have been out of college and part of the work force before entering law school giving them a maturity edge that is needed in the formidable world of law. Be aware and have the right tools in your briefcase and you’ll find yourself with a spot in the law school of your choice; ready to begin to chase your dream of being a lawyer right into your future.

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