The Truth About Pit Bull Terriers

With all the stories about violent pit bulls, it’s no wonder people don’t like them very much. What people don’t ask or see is why an animal is a danger to have around. Any animal that have irresponsible owners that teach them to fight will turn them into fighting machines. It’s often a misconception that Pit Bulls are the most violent breed. This is hardly the case. Lovers of Pit Bulls describe this breed as friendly, silly, and intelligent. If brought up in a loving household that does not teach their animals to fight these dogs make great companions. They are great with children and absolutely trustworthy. I’ve even known Pit Bulls who are not aggressive at all. Despite that, there are many dogs that ARE animal-aggressive. It is said that they should NOT be human-aggressive and if they are it’s a flaw.

There are some myths that I would like to make known. A lot of people have a bad habit of basing their opinions on what other people say. This is a gigantic reason why Pit Bulls have such a horrible reputation. It is rumored that they have the strongest jaw out of all the dog breeds and also that it locks. First, there are absolutely no studies proving that their jaws are the strongest of any breed. Each time a dog of any breed bites anything, it’s a different level of strength. How hard they bite is all circumstantial. Also, it’s been proven that these dogs jaws are no different than any other breeds jaws, thus making the rumor about them having locking jaws absolutely false.

In no way am I denying that Pit Bulls have been bred and used for fighting. I am however, fighting the unwarranted hatred and fear. It’s true that in the old days, these dogs (among other dogs) were bred to fight in arenas. Back then, because they fought in pits, they were known as “Pit Dogs”. It is in their blood to fight other dogs. It is in most animals blood to be able to defend themselves. I say this strongly, excessive violence towards animals and any types of aggressiveness towards humans is because of irresponsible owners!

Let’s talk about having a pit bull in a home with other pets. The best way to decrease the chances of animal aggressiveness is having it grow up around your other pets. Having your pit bull puppy make friends with your other pets is very important. Please, for the sake of your other animals and your home-crate train your dog! In fact, it doesn’t even matter if it’s a pit bull or not! Dogs love crates! It’s like their own special place! That and it can prevent messes and disputes amongst the animals if you’re not around. Pit bulls have a lot of energy. They want to run around and play. Please be prepared for that. Be ready to take them on long and fun walks.

Another important thing to remember whether you have other animals or not, this breed needs to know who’s boss. Let your new pet know that YOU are in control, not them. Being a responsible owner is the most important thing to remember. These animals are living, breathing animals with feelings. They feel pain, hunger, love, and other emotions just like we do. Apathy, neglect, and immature/irresponsible owners are what cause violent and scary dogs. If brought up in a loving home, the already predisposed animal will be a loving and loyal companion. Please keep these things in mind when considering adopting an animal. Also, take this article into consideration when judging the breed. Much like humans, these animals have their own individual characters. They are not clones of one very angry dog. They are capable of loving everyone in their lives. They only deserve the same in return.

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