A Guide to West Highland Terriers

A West Highland Terrier, also known as a Westie, is a spirited little breed of dog. Many will recognize the white terrier from Hamish MacBeth (Wee Jock) and the Cesar Dog Food label. Loyal, fun-loving creatures, they are commonly used as lap dogs in the United States. The cost of a purebred Westie in the U.S. can be quite high, however.

In appearance, a Westie is under a foot tall, with brilliant white fur. Their tails are short and forever wagging happily. A very excitable dog, they can also be used as show dogs, should they be bred and groomed correctly. Their coat is very high maintenance and requires regular grooming to avoid messy tangles.

Although they are small in size (15-22 pounds), a Westie has many more practical functions than just that of a lap dog. In fact, they prefer to be outside running free, so be sure to let your Westie get the exercise he needs. They serve as great guard dogs, as they are very excitable. Also, a Westie can be trained to herd animals and fetch game for hunters.

Yorkies hail from Scotland and are a mixture of Scottish Terriers and Cairn Terriers. They have been bred since the 1800’s, a credit claimed by both Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm of western Scotland and the Duke of Argyll. No one can be sure where they officially originate, but they have been a popular breed for over two hundred years.

The West Highland Terrier makes a great family dog. They are loyal and have a happy temperament. Also, they get along with children very well and enjoy the high energy of young ones. They require a lot of exercise, so letting them out back with the kids is a great way to provide it. Buying a Westie for the family means many years of love and companionship for everyone in the house.

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