Three Places to Find Your Dream Swimming Pool for Your Backyard in Raleigh

Are you looking out with exasperation at that huge back yard now that the kids are gone? Has the thought of mowing the grass every two weeks in the hot August sun of North Carolina lost its appeal for you? Does baking in the hot summer sun, roasting you from the top down bring chills?

If you have had it with mowing, perhaps it is time that you consider a pool or spa for the back yard. Like so many other things Raleigh has a wide array of option for you and a number of people who can help you fulfill those options.

For some of us the best option is a traditional pool with a deep end and a kiddy end. This can work out well if the purpose is to relax in the pool when the kids or grandkids are not in town, while having a safe place for the kids to play when they are about.

If there are no kids, a pool with no particular shallow end may be in order. This is the type of pool that would allow some basic laps swimming.

The nice feature of a pool is that the larger it is and the more paved edge on it, the small the lawn is. This is true for those who really want to retire the mower for good.

For those who want a more modest pool, they are also available.

One of the long term providers of pools and spas, Rising Sun, can be found at:

Rising Sun Pools & Spas, Inc.
5608 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27606
(919) 851-9700

In addition to exercise and fun pools and spas can serve a more important role for some people. My younger brother’s daughter had a serious car accident some years back. Her car was crushed and every bone in her body sort of got crushed with it.

One of the doctors suggested that one thing that would help was a spa, since my brother was looking for a way to help her. Turns out that the spa was great for helping injured people heal. She healed so well that except for the alarms that go off in the airport, you wouldn’t even know she had been broken in a million places.

The spa has the advantage of being heated to a desired temperature and having water flow in desired directions. This with the natural buoyancy of water makes for an extremely therapeutic device. For purposes like these you do have to be selective about which spa or pool based on the suggested treatment.

Another fine provider of Pools and Spas is:

Candler Pools and Spas
628 Maywood Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 779-0620

Pools can also be used as we get older to continue to get sufficient exercise. Many of us suffer from ailments that limit our activity. Water exercises allow us to continue even as Mother Nature has given us aches and pains. Properly heated pools and spas permit many of us to continue resistance exercises without the risk of injury that comes with many of the gym based exercises. My wife suffers from arthritis and finds she can do things in an 80+ degree pool that she couldn’t think of without the protection of the water. The combination of heat and natural resistance found in a pool can do wonders.

If you are still thinking a pool or spa is the right way to go another vendor is:

New Barn Pools
5205 Capital Blvd
Raleigh, NC 27616
(919) 873-1777

They are a provider of Pentair Pool Products.

If you already have a pool and need some help with it there is another type of organization that may interest you. If you have a community pool or a neighborhood pool association you may be interested in a group that specializes in providing management services.

The Pool Professionals can be found at:

Pool Professionals
8801 Midway West Road,
Raleigh, NC 27617

(919) 787-7878

If the grass looks greener when it is wet, these pool people should be able to help you soak it.

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