Tips for Creating Bumper Stickers

“My child is an honor roll student at …”

“Honk if you love …”

“Proud grandparents of …”

Whether I am out running errands in town or with the family on a long-distance outing to my favorite vacation spot, cars flaunting bumper stickers are becoming more and more a part of life.

Some seem to be claiming their owner’s personal philosophy: “I brake for whales.”

Others attempt a kind of off-beat humor: “Don’t steal âÂ?¦ the government hates competition.”

And, of course, there’s always the latest political trend or campaign sticker.

But lately, I see more and more businesses taking advantage of what is definitely an inexpensive yet powerful advertising medium.

And people always notice bumper stickers. Think about it. What do you do when you are stuck in traffic? You’re going to look at the car in front of you. And if they have bumper stickers, you’re going to read them!

Think about having thousands of cars advertising your business on their bumpers. What a cool idea!

The best bet for bumper stickers is to get right to the point. You only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention. Be short and sweet. The more catchy your idea, the longer it will stay in the minds of your readers.

Make sure you follow up your cute and clever idea with your business name and URL.

One word of caution before you start designing your new bumper sticker. Be careful about being too rude or dirty. What you think is a cute message could wind up offending potential customers.

At a cost of only a few cents per sticker, you can give them away to your customers. Or you can sell them for $.50 or $1.00 each, make a small profit AND market your business. Of course, you better have a really catchy and clever bumper sticker for this to work.

There are plenty of suppliers online that will create customer bumper stickers with your advertising message. Some will allow you to order is smaller quantities to allow you to test your ideas. But you should be able to find suppliers who will charge between $.02 and $.05 per bumper sticker.

Don’t be afraid to do something different and fun with your marketing. A simple idea might be the goldmine you were looking for.

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