Tips for Installing a Toilet

If you need to replace your toilet, and have never had the pleasant experience of doing so but want to to do the job anyway, read on. It isn’t as bad as it sounds, and it’s a very simple job.

First you need to turn off the water to the toilet, and get the tank empty. Turn the water supply off. There should be a valve under the tank either on the floor, or on the wall. Flush the toilet, and keep the handle all the way down until it stops running. Get a bucket of water and pour it into the bowl fast to force the water out of the bowl. Have the bucket ready when you lift the toilet out to dump the rest of the water in. Remove the top from the tank, and using a sponge or paper towels, soak up the water remaining in the tank.

Remove the water supply line from the valve and the toilet tank. If there are caps on the bolts, remove them with a screwdriver. Remove the bolts. There are two of them on the base of the bowl. At this point, you are ready to remove the toilet. With your bucket next to the toilet, lift straight up, and over to the bucket. Pour the remaining water out as much as you can. You are now ready to take the toilet out of the bathroom. Carry it as straight upright as possible. This usually takes two people.

Clean the old wax ring off of the flange, and this is the time to do any floor repairs that may need to be done. The old bolts should slide out of the flange, and new ones can be installed the same way the old ones came out. Put on a new wax ring, clean the floor, and you are ready for the new toilet.

The new toilet comes in two boxes. Remove the contents of both boxes and assemble the tank and bowl. Most have two bolts that hold them together, some have three. There should be instructions to do this job. Once you have it put together, I suggest putting the seat on too.

Hold the toilet directly over the flange and line up the bolts. Set the toilet down onto the flange bolts and put your weight on it until it sits firmly on the floor. Put the new washers and nuts on, cut the bolts of just above the nuts and put the new caps on. Caulk the toilet to the floor with bathroom caulk. Reconnect the water supply line and turn the water on. Check for leaks. Flush a couple of times to make sure it doesn’t have any leaks.

It’s just that simple, and you didn’t have to call a plumber.

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