Tips for Successful Selling for Those Who Sell on Ebay

I sold on Ebay from July of 2001 until July of 2006. I had a lot of success selling items from my home as well as selling inventory that I purchased for the purpose of selling through my Ebay store. I learned a lot of success tips for selling during the five years that I sold on the auction site and I would like to pass those tips on to you, my reader.

There are two basic ways to sell on ebay, auction or fixed price in a store on Ebay. I did both ways of selling on Ebay. Either way you sell, you need to list the item you are selling. Each listing needs a title and a description. This is where you can really sell your item, title and description.


The most important tip for the title is to use keywords. Think of how your buyers will find your auction. What words will they be using in search to locate your item? Make sure these words are in the title. The title should tell the buyer what it is that you are selling. Make sure you are using words in your title that are describing the item. Words like LOOK, or WOW do not bring buyers to your auction and are a waste to put in your title. The title is what brings your buyer to your auction. Think of the title as your ad to get your buyer to your auction. Use words that tell the buyer what your item is like. Words that describe your item’s color or size. Words like vintage, or rare are excellent to put into the title. Think of what words you would put into a search box if you were looking for an item like the one you are selling. These are the words you should be using in your title. Chances are your buyers will be using these words when they are searching for your item too.

Do not use all capital letters in all words in your title. Use lower case and upper case letters where appropriate in your title. You can emphasize a special word like FREE with all capital letters or the word NEW, but I would limit all caps to just one word in your title and only if necessary to draw attention to your auction. After using all possible keywords in your title and you still have available space and you can not think of any more words to describe your item, then rather than have left over space in the title, I would use astricks ******* or other symbols to draw attention to your ad like @@@@@ or $$$$$$$ but use these symbols only if you can not think of any other keywords to describe your item as no one searches on ebay for * or @ or $ trust me, you are better off using title space for meaningful keywords.


In your description you need to describe your item for the buyer because the buyer cannot see or feel your item. Buyers are made comfortable making a purchase decision if they feel like they know the item they are purchasing. The best way to write a description is to actually have the item in front of you at the time you are writing the description. Look at the item carefully and put words on paper that describe the item’s color, texture, age, condition, smell etc. Use your senses (sight, touch, smell, hearing) to really describe the item to your buyers. Be especially careful to describe any flaws; do not hide anything from your buyer. It is better to be honest about the condition of your item, then to say it is in good condition and then have your buyer, make the purchase and find a rip, or hole or other flaw in the item. If your buyer feels cheated or unhappy about how you were not honest about describing your item, he or she will leave negative feedback, making sure others become wary about buying from you, as you can be sure this buyer will not buy from you again either.

A good description not only sells the item for you, but it can keep the customer coming back to buy from you again. In your description you should use words that will assure the ebay customer that it is safe to buy from you. Assure them by telling them about your wish to give them 100% customer satisfaction. In your description you have the chance to really sell yourself as a seller, to allow the customer to place trust in you. Place a link inside your description that leads visitors to your auction your feedback page on ebay, especially if you have excellent feedback from others who have purchased from you.

It is also a good idea to use colorful fonts within the description to bring attention to important parts of your description. Good, clear pictures of the item can sell your item. Show all views of the item, back and front. Have a picture if possible of any flaws like cracks or rips, so the customer can see the flaw and make a judgment about the quality of the item despite the flaw. Pictures are really important because it is the only way that a buyer can actually see the item. If the picture used is not of the actual item you are selling please note this in your auction.

Branding gives the buyer confidence and gives recognition to you as a seller. Having an image such as a logo or a picture of yourself or something else that you always have on all of your auctions will be something that customers will recognize as being YOU, and they will come to be familiar with your logo or image and know that when they see it, they are at one of your auctions. And they will remember that they trust you as a seller by the familiar logo or image.

You can be successful selling on Ebay. Knowing how to write good titles and descriptions for your items are important to your success as a seller on Ebay. Titles are what draw the buyers to your auctions. Keywords are important to have in your titles. Titles are the ads that bring the buyers to your auctions, so they need to tell the buyer what you are selling. The description is your salesman and will sell your item for you if you have used words that tell the customer all about your item. You will be a successful seller on Ebay if you remember to use effective words in your title and in your item description.

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