Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

Some say that they suffer from writers block and others think that writers block doesn’t exist. I think that writers block is when the mind is just simply exhausted from working too much to come up with new ideas to write about. I notice that whenever we tend to write about a ton of subjects in a short amount of time that writers feel exhausted after a while.

I write this article to provide you with some tips to help overcome writers block. I suggest that you try to write about a few subjects that doesn’t require much thinking so you don’t get as exhausted. It might help if you write about something that is entertaining like a hobby of some sort. It doesn’t require much research if you write about a hobby or something else that is fun.


Make sure to take enough breaks during the day so you don’t feel so overwhelmed. You need a break so your hands get rest from writing so much during the day. Make sure to take a break at least every hour or so. There is only so much work that a individual can handle during the week. Perhaps taking a short nap during the day will help you feel more energized and able to focus more. Make sure that you get enough sleep at night. Another thing also have a regular sleep pattern without sleeping at odd hours during the day and night.

Stay Healthy

Drinking water can also help you feel better and able to write better when you are in good health. Eating properly can also make a difference in the way you feel and able to think better along with accomplish more work throughout the day. Make sure to eat a good healthy lunch during the day. Make sure to eat breakfast too since it will help give you energy. Writers block is something that can be reduced if you write about a variety of subjects. Make sure it is something that isn’t too complicated all the time. Writing technical manuals and other in detail guides can take large amounts of energy that will cause you to be exhausted from thinking too much.

Different types of writing

Writers block can also be reduced by other types of writing that is relaxing. You can try to write a greeting card verse. You can also write a poem or a short story. Perhaps another article. You can write about your pet or write a review about your favorite restaurant. Movie reviews are always fun to write about. Book reviews are another thing that you can also get paid for. Different types of writing such as poetry will help you to be able to write without much trouble cause it takes your mind off of the more difficult subjects.

Writers block is something that can be reduced when we write articles that don’t require much research and when we only do a few complicated technical guides each week. Just make sure to not work too hard. It is better to work a slower pace than it is to get stressed out by trying to accomplish too much during the week.

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