Working at Home, A Good Job Is Hard To Find

I have a good job working from home. I do legal transcription and work full time, with the exception of my ever present doctors’ appointments that I have been asking off for relentlessly. However, I am considered an “Independent Contractor” and this Miss Independent wants to broaden her horizons. So I send out my resume. And then I send it out again. And again. My husband can’t believe how fast I am at typing the little “thank you for your consideration” and I am thinking, it’s because I am pretty sure I am not getting their consideration!

I work very hard at the contractor position I currently hold. I review my manual in my downtime (between myspacing and looking for Christmas presents for the kids that I can’t afford), and have all important online resources tagged in Favorites (in Work Info., which is directly below Watkins, my failed sales attempt, and directly above Newspapers, for those days I decide I will re-enter the social work force) and I read as much as I can, which helps with vocabulary, grammar, and spelling, or so they told me in Kindergarten. So why is no one writing me back? I did get one reply for transcribing DVDs, but only if I could purchase a $300.00 piece of equipment with the loose promise that they “might” have work for me. Of all of these working at home websites I check out, a large percentage of them, when checked on scam websites, sure enough are loads of you-know-what. Okay people – If you have to PAY to WORK, there is probably some kind of catch, you think? But I can’t say too much, I was duped in the beginning – never again. The only thing I had to pay for in my current position was a foot pedal, and that was AFTER I was hired – FOR FREE!

So anyway, I just wanted to share my experience in the world of telecommuting. (By the way, is this a new word? I just came across it on a work-at-home website, and I may be waaaaay behind…like when I was in high school and didn’t know who Beavis and Butthead were, because we didn’t turn the TV on for years…) So just a word to the wise, and the not-so’s, as I myself was one and am hoping to become the other, if you have to pay for it, don’t do it. If the amount of earnings they claim you can make in a day, or at night while you are sleeping, is more than you have earned in your entire working life, turn around, stand up and walk away. And if they tell you that you don’t have to actually do ANYTHING, that your computer WORKS FOR YOU, then I am just saying one last thing…If your computer works for you, then why are there dirty dishes in my sink, crumbs on my floor, and my shoulders still need rubbed? Let’s be real, people (but if anyone knows a PC or maybe robot that can do the above-mentioned items, PLEASE let me know. My family will thank you).

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