Top Pizza Restaurants in New York City

September 3, 2006 – Pizza can be such an arbitrary food. Many people like their pizza a certain way, making it hard for anyone to say that one pizza is universally better than another. However, there are a few factors that we all like about our pizzas. And if you take these factors garden-fresh toppings, novel mozzarella, and scrumptious crust) into consideration, you can come up with a satisfactory list of best pizza parlors. I’ve taken it one step further though. I’m including original taste in mine. Thus there’s no better place to start my list of top pizza restaurants in New York Citythan the #3 parlor on my list.

3. Original Ray’s Pizza may not be as original as its appellation due to its dozen locations in New York City, but it’s still hard to find a better slice of pizza at any other restaurant. Ray’s Pizza is 100% New Yorkstyle pizza. With its savory pizza sauce, slender crust, big toppings and fresh cheese, Ray’s Pizza is as New Yorker as it gets. Forget about the all the people who say Ray’s Pizza does not have an edge and isn’t original enough to resemble the true New Yorkpizza, because in reality, Ray’s Pizza has not lost its upper hand. It is still as original as it was when it was just one little pizza shop. In fact, the pizza has probably even gotten better since the start of its growth. The ingredients are fresher, the toppings are more abundant, and the prices are still nice and low. Each slice is a taste of heaven. You won’t find a better mix of original New Yorkpizza flavor and freshness anywhere in New York. So guy a cheesy, saucy, big slice of pizza and enjoy yourself.

2. Koronet’s is an old favorite of mine. It’s located right down the street fromColumbia University, and so it is a traditional collegiate hub for students returning home from their late night ventures. Open until 4 in the morning, Koronet’s provides students and customers alike with freshly baked pizza all the way until closed. Yes, this means you will have to wait a little longer for even just one slice, but it’s a beautiful thing to see that fresh cheese and rich sauce turn into a gourmet slice in a matter of minutes. And it’s not just any slice of pizza, but it’s a mammoth slice of pizza. I didn’t know they made pizza that size until I first went to Koronet’s. Students use to tell me how big it was and I completely thought they were exaggerating. There was no way I could believe that there was a slice of pizza out there that big for less than $3, but of course I was wrong. And when I had my first taste of Koronet’s, I was already humbled by the size so of course I wasn’t expecting anything out of it taste-wise. However, to my surprise it was some of the best pizza I had ever had. If you’re the type that likes heavy sauce with an extremely zesty taste and buttery thin-crust, than this is the pizza for you. So the next time you find yourself leaving the club at 2 or 3 in the morning, go over to Koronet’s no matter where you are in Manhattan, because it is well worth the trip.

1. Grimaldi’s
is another pizza parlor that has been ridiculed by the fanfare that it gets through visitor’s guides and other city publications. But believe me; the hype about this place is all true. If it weren’t, Grimaldi’s would not be able to be the profitable business that it is considering its location in DUMBO,Brooklyn. Yet it continues to thrive just as well, if not better than, any restaurant in Manhattan. It’s location along theBrooklynwaterfront and across the water from the Manhattanskyline gives it an old style “paint the town red” kind of feeling. You have to navigate the streets to get there, but you probably won’t be alone, as late-nighters line up around the block to get a pizza pie from this place.

But don’t think just because this parlor made this New Yorklist that the pizza is New York Style, because it isn’t. Grimaldi’s goes above and beyond New York Style and takes pizza back to its roots in . That’s right, genuine Italian pizza, with the thin crust, homemade sauce, thick toppings and 100% natural cheese, you can’t get more Italiano than this place right here. Ordering pizza from Grimaldi’s is also an adventure. The list of possible toppings, the different styles of cooking, and the variety of cheese and crusts means you can order a different pizza from this place anytime you go there, even if you went there 360 day’s a year (and you might want to)! The one consistent thing about every pizza here is the sauce. Homemade sauce is just something you cannot beat. It makes the taste better. It makes the crust better, and it just makes your entire experience at Grimaldi’s better. But if you doubt Grimaldi’s is worth the hype, check it out for yourself. After all, you can’t find pizza like this unless you go to , and evenBrooklynisn’t that far!

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