Top Ten Qualities of People Who Live a Long Life

What’s the secret to a long, happy life? It’s anyone’s guess, but taking a small sample of people who have lived happy, productive lives into their eighties, they share similar qualities that may just be pieces to the puzzle of longevity. Here are the top ten qualities to possess in order to live a long, happy life.*

Honesty: Though it is said that nice guys finish last, this doesn’t seem to be true when it comes to longevity. Lying often causes stress and a guilty conscious, neither of which are good for your health or your heart. Honest may not always be the best policy, but it will allow you to live without guilt or worrying about getting caught.

Selflessness: Those that do for others without thinking of themselves are very rare in this world today. Of the people studies, all showed great actions of selflessness when it came to those they loved. Oftentimes sacrificing their own happiness, making others happy makes them feel good.

Passion: Following your interests and passions is also a quality very common in those who have led long, happy lives. Having a career or hobby that is truly a passion and a part of you makes getting up each day just a little bit more exciting. This passion keeps these people going in times of pain, grief and confusion.

Hard Working: Sitting still and letting life pass by is not an option for most. They have spent their lives working hard for what they love and who they love. This work ethic helped these individuals build confidence and a sense of purpose that has lasted throughout their lives.

Close With Family: Surrounding yourself with your family is important to each person. By seeing the lives they have helped shape, they are constantly reminded of their successes and can help others by learning from their own mistakes. A strong family makes a strong person, ready to fight illness, grief or melancholy.

Love: Each person has a deep-abiding love for their partner, their family and their friends. Partnered with their selflessness, this love knows no bounds. They would do anything for those they love, including sacrificing their own comfort or desires.

Humor: Laughter is the best medicine; it’s also the best way to make longevity a good thing. The ability to laugh at oneself, at situations, and at life is imperative in the happiness equation. Each of these people has developed a wonderful and unique sense of humor. This can really help during the hard times.

Humility: Ability to admit a mistake, take responsibility for their own actions, and a general sense of humbleness allow each person to face mistakes calmly, rationally and most importantly, learn from those mistakes. By not denying mistakes or responsibility, they gain more confidence in their abilities as they learn and as they take on more trouble.

Dignity in Face of Adversity: Illness, loss of loved ones, financial issues are all problems almost everyone must face. By facing each problem with dignity (mixed with love, selflessness and humility), these people help not only themselves, but also those around them. Dignity as an example can be contagious. Handling each situation to the best of their ability allowed each person a framework of self-confidence and happiness.

Sense of Play: Along with humor, the ability to just be a kid again is so prevalent in each person. A sense of play allows each person a chance to laugh, to feel young, and to engage in plain old fun, even in the face of adversity. A sense of play lightens up dreary chores or lonely days.

These characteristics are some major things in common that people who lead happy lives well into their eighties possess. Each person in the sample has had hardships and victories, loss and gain, but with these characteristics they weathered every storm and enjoyed every triumph. As we age, we should all strive to find these characteristics in ourselves.

*Please note that this article is not suggesting that these qualities guarantee longevity, it is merely listing qualities found in many who have and are living long, happy lives!

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