Top Ten Songs by Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams: This Canadian singer shot to glory in Mid 80’s and continued to rule the charts for more than two decades. Fans were enthralled by his chilling voice, his energetic singing, and his unmistakable guitar. He was a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Most of his songs were written with Jam Vallance, Adams’ senior and a popular drummer. Adams was one of the most popular artists in the music worldwide. His fans are spread across the globe, and even today his shows are huge success.

Below is a list of the top 10 songs of this singer:

1) EVERYTHING I DO– In 1991, Adams was approached by the producers of the Kevin Costner film, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and asked him to work on a nice theme song. He was given a melody written by the Michael Kamen, composer of the movie’s score. With this, he and Lange fashioned “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You,” which he also recorded and which played under the closing credits of the film when it opened on June 14, 1991. This song made him famous as he sung his way towards fame and glory. This song topped every possible chart. Who can forget his soulful voice lingering through dense forest where Robinhood ruled. And the superb guitar tunes to go with it. In this amazingly romantic song he shows his emotional and sentimental side proving the world yet again that he is a true artist.

2) PLEASE FORGIVE ME– A song that touched the hearts of millions of people throughout the world. This song took him to the heights of success which only a few singers have achieved and this track is one of his favourite one. This song was a part of album “So Far So Good” which Adams released in November 1993. This album was a multi-platinum success, and this Adams/Lange track reached the Top 10.

3) SUMMER OF 69– It is another classical Adams/Vallance song. This song was filled with his energy and passion and the thirst for fun. He told everyone how he enjoyed the summer of ’69 through the words of this song. Perhaps the best song he has ever sung. If you have heard Bryan Adams you have heard summer of ’69. It reminds each one of us of our good old school days, and push us back onto the memory lane. Love the way it starts and keeps the tempo going till the end.

4) ALL FOR ONE(ALL FOR LOVE)– This song featuring the voices of Bryan Adams and Sting has been regarded as one of the best duets ever. The song earned Bryan Adams millions when it was used as the Original Sound Track of THE THREE MUSKETEERS. It hit No. 1 in the U.S. in January of 1994

5) HERE I AM– Adams returned in the spring of 2002 collaborating with Hans Zimmer on his first full-length song score for a film, the animated DreamWorks feature Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. The soundtrack made it into the Top 40 and Adams and Zimmer earned a Golden Globe Nomination for their collaboration. Adams ate his heart out in this song and gave his best as during that time his name started to fade away and this song was a message that he still existed and wanted attention.

6) ITS ONLY LOVE– This song earned Bryan his first two Grammys nominations, best male rock performance for the album as a whole, and best rock performance by a duo or group for this song. This song happens to be my personal favorite. Though all the Bryan Adams songs have superb lyrics, but this one is just amazing. It seems to portray the exact feelings that you have. This is the song for everyone ever in love.

7) HEAVEN– This was a song of his album “Reckless”. This was Adams’ fourth album and was released on his 25th birthday, November 5, 1984. This song immediately shot to number one position. The album sold 5 million copies in America, and 3 million in rest of the world. Great Composition.

8) STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART– This was originally a part of Ian Lloyd’s release 3WC(Third World Civilazition). But later Adams reclaimed it for his own albums “Lonely Nights” and “Sraight from the Heart”. This song was first released in 1980s, but this song still feels so fresh when you hear it. This song again reiterates the fact that Bryan Adams’ voice, music and style is truly ageless (this line somehow reminds me of his 18 til I die song. It would have been in this list in 11th position.)

9) RUN TO YOU– This single was released in 80’s and immediately made it to the Top Test list. What sets apart this song from rest is definitely its lyrics. Unlike most songs by boy bands and pop stars about how much they love/miss someone special, this song clearly speaks of unfaithfulness. The singer here is already in a relationship with someone whom he loves but at the same time is attracted to a woman who excites him. It has got a great tune and punch line ”run to you” has amazing rhythm which makes the song catchy. Apart from great music Bryan Adams masters the art of showing the dilemma of the man in picking his life partner.

10) HAVE YOU EVEN REALLY LOVED A WOMAN– At the beginning of 1996 Adams released a new album 18 ‘Til I Die. The album featured the flamenco-tinged “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?” from the Johnny Depp/Marlon Brando film Don Juan DeMarco. Adams was rewarded with yet another No. 1 hit, as well as a Grammy nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance and his second Oscar nomination for Best Song. Anyone who wants to learn how to win over a girl’s heart must listen to this song.

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