Top Tips on How to Repair Damaged Wallpaper

Learning how to repaid damaged wallpaper isn’t all that difficult, that is, if you know how. Most homeowners don’t know the ins and outs of things like this. This guide will help you to take that ugly looking wallpaper and turn it into a thing of beauty again. Do you have any extra wallpaper lying around the house that matches the pattern in question? If not, just go out to the store and buy some so that you can get started. The first thing you need to do is cut out a square like section that is about 5 inches larger than the spot you want to fix. You want it to be bigger so there is some room for error here.

If your wallpaper is a solid color – great – this next step will be a walk in the park. If not, you need to take special care to place the new wallpaper onto the wall and adjust its placement so that the pattern matches closely to what is on the wall. This is one of the reasons why I love solid color wallpaper so much – when things get ruined, which they always do if you have children, then repairing the damaged wallpaper is that much easier. Something to keep in mind for the future!

If you don’t have any painter’s tape then you’ll need to go out and buy some. Use this tape to stick it to the position on the wall you desire.

Now comes the fun part! You’ll need the use of an exacto knife here. Take the knife and cut around the border of the damaged area, effectively cutting of the extra wallpaper that was spoken about earlier in the guide. Make sure to do this step very carefully for two reasons. One, you don’t want blood all over the place! And two, you don’t want to create more damage buy destroying the drywall with too much pressure from the knife.

Now you can take off any tape that you applied to the damaged wallpaper. Use the knife to score the piece in question. Find that trusty sponge you have lying around the house and then dampen the beat up section of wallpaper. It should now be very easy to take off of the wall, allowing a perfectly shaped space to insert the new piece of wallpaper right onto the wall.

Before you apply your newly formatted piece of wallpaper, make sure the space needing the fix is totally dry. You don’t want your new piece of wallpaper to get wet; it will show through and look rather horrible.

On the dry area of wall you can now apply an adhesive that will help the new piece to stick. Knowing how to repair damaged wallpaper is all about making sure the new piece and the wall your affixing it to is dry. How that the adhesive is on the wall, you can apply your perfectly shaped new piece of wallpaper to it. Use a cloth that may have lying around, or even a seam roller, so you can flatten out the new piece on the wall.

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