Trolling for Treasures

Every year there are millions of people who have garage sales to sell their unwanted items. These unwanted items can become treasures to others at a much cheaper price than purchasing these items new in a store.

While there are as many people that have garage sales, there are just as many people who tend yard sales every year. These garage sale attendees love the challenge of finding a good bargain. There are also those that attend garage sales for the sole purpose of adding items to their own personal collections such as books, toy collectibles, and various other items.

Many people furnish their homes with garage sale furniture for a fraction of the cost. You can find bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, living room furniture, and large appliances at garage sales. Many times there is nothing wrong with the pieces of furniture that you buy at a garage sale. Many times people who are selling these pieces of furniture have recently purchased new furniture for their homes. The same usually applies to appliances due to the fact that the previous owners often remodel their kitchens.

You can also find various home decorations to decorate your home with at small cost to. Many times you can find pictures, knick knacks, and other items that are nearly new. You can furnish a home from visiting various garage and yard sales for a tenth of the cost compared to retail stores.

In some cases with the items that you find at one of these types of sales, a little repair to the item can give you a working item for just a few dollars more if you are willing to put in the time to fix it. For example, someone is selling an electric range and one of the burners is no longer working. You spend a $100 for the stove and approximately $15 to $20 for the new burner, and you more than likely saved yourself at least the $125 over purchasing a new stove.

You will find some items that will need to have a little cleaning done to them and they are brought back to life. Many times it is just washing the dust and dirty off the item. For example, you give twenty-five cents for a pie plate that is a little dirty. Clean it up with a little elbow grease and it’s just like new. This is much better than paying upwards of $5 for a pie plate at the local store.

In some instances, you can also find new clothes that the person has purchased and never took the price tag off of the piece of clothing and are selling it at a fraction of the cost they paid for it. This is a good way to purchase yourself a new wardrobe for the year.

There is nothing like the rush you will have from finding bargains like these at garage sales. The amount of money that you can save by purchasing items and refurbishing them yourself is miraculous. So if you’re in the money saving market as well as loving the hunt for a good bargain, garage sales may be something you want to try.

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