Tweak Versus Major Change

When we think of change we might think we have to stop whatever it is we are doing and start something all together new. That isn’t true. Often the greatest change isn’t necessarily doing anything new but making small changes to what you are already doing. Tweaking your current behavior is much easier to manage and maintain because it builds on the foundation you already created.

I believe that most people set themselves up for failure by assuming they have to ditch everything they are doing and start over. The thought of starting over can be so overwhelming that they never start. A perspective client called me and said he needed to completely change careers. After talking to him I realized he didn’t have to change careers, he just needed to tweak the one he was in. He was so relieved. He had been paralyzed for two years thinking about all that was involved in changing careers, but now with the thought of just tweaking his current career he has already made several changes and is on his way to doing his old career in a new way.

When you think about change, don’t think big, think small. Think of one or two things you could tweak in your life. Weight loss comes to mind as I often see people think they have to change everything they are doing. What if you just added one or two pieces of fruit to your diet everyday? Maybe you walk on your lunch hour or take your lunch once a week instead of going out. They may seem like small actions, but it all adds up. Think if you saved just one dollar a day, in a year you would have $365. After just ten years you would have saved $3,650. Not bad for just a dollar a day.

The concept here is everything counts, and even the smallest actions can add up to big results. Not to mention that small actions often cause ripple effects. Once you begin to tweak one area of your life it often runs over into other areas as well helping to make a difference in different parts of your life that were unexpected. So don’t think you have to change your life in a big way. Think of tweaking your life and building on what you already have. What might seem like a minor change can make a big difference in the long run.

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