Veg Out: The Top Five Restaurants for a Vegetarian Meal Near Kansas City, Missouri

When I took the opportunity to partake in my first fast this year for Lent, I had no idea that a lifelong meat-eater like myself, (who grew up on Philly cheesesteaks, no less) would begin an ongoing – and life-altering – affair with every kind of meal not associated with eating meat.

Having said that, since I am no longer located in “Cheesesteak City,” I decided to venture out and find the best “vegetarian-friendly” restaurants in my new locale, Kansas City, Missouri.
Although I am always searching for a good meal (I can’t help it – I like to eat) I have found some of the best restaurants in the K.C. area for vegetable lovers – new or old.

Eden Alley Caf�©
Eden Alley, which, ironically, is the name of my now, 17-year-old daughter features a variety of non-meat meals. From the delicious pasta dishes to their healthy serving of soups and other specials featuring fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables, Eden Alley is the number one spot in the K.C. area for a meal not packed with meat.

Taj Mahal
Just like the name, the Taj Mahal is simply majestic – offering comfortable seating and several attractive Indian pieces of artwork. The cuisine revolves around a variety of authentic dishes from all over India, but be warned – the menu is something akin to reading a Sidney Sheldon novel – it’s that diversified. The lunch buffet is spectacular – and affordable – and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. In short, what more could you ask for?

Jerusalem Caf�©
Specializing in authentic Middle-Eastern cuisine, Jerusalem CafÃ?© is a vegetarian’s paradise that offers the traditional meal as well as a large selection of entrees and sandwiches that are totally meat-free. The surroundings are peaceful and the food is great.

Blue Nile Caf�©
The Blue Nile River (Ethiopian originated) is small, simple and comfortable. The food is quite simple, though I must admit that is is certainly deep in flavor and spice – just the way I like it. The restaurant features a very reasonably priced menu and the aura of this family-run cafe will blow you away.

Succotash is an upscale diner with a elegance that is nice to visit any day of the week and slightly remind me of South Philly with its open-air ability. Reminiscing aside, Succotash features a variety of vegetarian-dominated meals. Although the restaurant is only open for dinner two nights a week, the breakfast, menu will blow you away. Pecan and pear hotcakes stun most new patrons – like myself – and Sunday is an especially amazing day at Succotash.

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