How to Peel a Banana with one Hand

Among many things that people take for granted are two functioning hands. They are so busy envying others and desiring what others have that they become blind to what God has blessed them with. There are a lot of people in this world who do not even have two hands, losing one hand in an accident, let alone a big house or an expensive car. These people, however, seem grateful to God for whatever they have and instead of sitting down and complaining, they learn to make the most of the one hand that they do have.

There are a lot of things that are difficult to do with just one hand and peeling a banana is one of them. There is, however, a somewhat convenient way of peeling a banana even if you are handicapped due to one less hand.


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    The first thing that you need to do is to pick out the largest and most solid-looking banana from the fruit basket. Stay away from the bananas with a skin that have turned black, as they are bound to be pretty pulpy from the inside. Not only will they taste really bad, but will cause you a great deal of trouble when you are trying to peel their skin off. Look for the bananas with completely yellow skin. Picking a banana of right size is also important. While the first and most obvious benefit of a large banana is that you will be able to feast on it more a longer period of time, you will become aware of the second benefit in the steps that would follow.

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    After you have picked a large, solid banana, stick it either between your arm-pit, or use your bicep and chest to hold it in place. Be extremely careful while you do this, as applying too much pressure on the banana will make it squishy and pretty much ruin it. Make sure you hold the banana in place between your bicep and shoulder, or in your arm-pits with just enough pressure that it does not get too pressed.

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    With the banana held in place, press the tip of the banana with your fingers to split the end open. If the banana is really ripe, splitting the end open through pressure may become a bit tough.

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    Once the end of banana is split open, simply grab the banana skin between your index finger and thumb and peel it off.

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    Enjoy eating the banana.

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