Ways to Stop After School Meltdowns

I’m lucky enough to maintain and enjoy a good relationship with my ex husband’s sister. Recently, we were discussing her daughter’s current problem with after school meltdowns. I’ve dealt with these from time to time myself over the years, but have been lucky enough for them to be at a minimum. I found myself feeling lucky after hearing some of the issues she has to deal with at the end of the day. She’s had a tough time avoiding end of the day meltdowns, but some of her following solutions are working well and made sense to me.

After School Timeline

KIds need some structure. Structure will create order, in which case they’re less apt to be “set off” when a wrench gets thrown into the night. After a long school day kids are tired and less tolerant, so having a routine that is constant at home, will help to keep things running smoothly. Once your routine and timelines are established, be sure to stick to them to maintain a peaceful environment.

Low Blood Sugar/After School Snacks

A long day at school, combined with low blood sugar almost always results in an explosive experience. Skipping a small healthy snack at my house can lead to disaster, especially if dinner will be later that night. I’m always open to the kids eating some fruit or corn chips and salsa, along with a beverage after school. Eating a snack provides some nice break time as well, in which your child can restore his/her sense of motivation to tackle the nights obligations.

Get Homework Done First

At my house, and my ex sis-in-law’s, waiting too long to do homework, results in arguments and tantrums once we try to get them started on getting back to it. I get the best results by having them eat their snack, then directing them right after the snack to begin their homework. They know what’s coming and I know they’ve eaten something and are renewed enough to be productive again.


I’ve used small bribes with success from time to time. Especially when the kids need a bit extra motivation to get a tougher assignments accomplished, or lots of memorization needs to be done. I’ve implemented bribes like homemade pancakes before school the next day, or some extra playstation time if they reach their goals. My sister in law uses these a couple times a week to help her kids get work done without any regrets as well. I avoid doing this daily, but from time to time they really help get the job done.

Source: My sister in law and myself

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