What Can Bleach Be Used For?

Most people don’t like the smell of bleach but, there are many uses for bleach especially for cleaning white cloths, and white kitchen appliances in your kitchen. listed below are some ways to use bleach to clean around the house. Remember to only use the bleach on white. I have found so many uses for this cleaner.

1.) If your walls are painted white you can use bleach to clean all the dirt and finger prints off your walls, make sure to always (use gloves). To protect your hands when cleaning with this product, and never inhale the bleach.

2.) Add water to the bleach so it’s not so strong and also add some soap to clean the walls, works best on most white paint especially, if it has a glossary texture finish.

3.) Use bleach on all your white cloths to make them whiter than white when you do your laundry, this will remove that dirty grayish look, and make your clothes snow white plus they will smell great to. Only use a half of cup or follow the directions on the label. Make sure, not to use to much bleach on your whites, it will make holes in your cloths, that is a sign of using to much bleach. Make sure to rinse your whites well in hot water to remove all the bleach and the smell of bleach.

4.) For your kitchen if you have ( white) appliances you can clean all of them with the bleach like your coffee maker, refrigerator, cabinets, washer & dryer, toaster, and your stove. This liquid cleaner will also clean the finger prints off your stove, refrigerator, and scuff marks off the floor. Bleach will make your white kitchen appliances look like new again. Make sure to add some cleaning soap to the bleach never use full strength.

5.) If you don’t like the regular smell, there are a varieties of different scents you can choose from like the floral scent, or the lemon, which is much easer to work with, because the regular scent is really strong try the scented ones they work just as well.

6.) You can also use the bleach on your non wooden floors, like your kitchen floor if you have like a tile, or linoleum floor any type except wood.

7.) The bleach can also be used to clean your bath room, like your tub or sink always use a cleaning soap with the bleach.

8.) For the toilet and toilet bowl, you can pour some bleach into your toilet bowl to clean the ring around the toilet and into the tank so when you flush the bleach can clean your toilet bowl, also you can even leave some bleach in your toilet bowl to keep it fresh and clean and odor free. If you have some white shoes, or a white purse you can use some bleach to clean the scuff marks off the shoes and the smuggest off your purse. When using bleach be very carefully not to spell it on anything else or it will be ruin, bleach is especially made for whites and cleaning things that are white, most people properly know that but, this is for those that haven’t experience the power of cleaning with bleach and all that it can do. Using bleach on the thing mention above will make your house smell really clean it also kills germs to. But, do not put it to close to your eyes or look directly at it, because it will burn your eyes, always look away from the bleach. There are many uses for bleach to make your house clean and your walls white.

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